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GASP: Wheat

Things that I took for granted, but aparently, there are a good number of people who don't know:

Rice is NOT made of wheat. Rice is a grain grown in flooded bogs known as Rice Paddies. Wheat is a grain that grows on dry land and looks like prairie grass.

Flour, when otherwise unqualified, is made of wheat. Other flours are qualified by the type of grain from which they are made (Oat Flour, etc).

White bread is made of wheat. "Wheat bread" is known as "whole wheat" and contains some of the bran, which is the dark, outer coating of the grains of wheat.

"Buckwheat" is actually not a grain, rather it is a member of the Rhubarb family and contains no gluten.

Spelt is another grain which is genetically very similar to wheat, and is described as an ancient (eg not hybridized/genetically altered) form of German wheat. Spelt's claim to fame is that it is generally 1:1 substitute for standard wheat and whole wheat flours, but for many people does not trigger wheat allergies.

Wheat allergies are some of the most common, but generally we don't test ourselves or our children for allergies anymore. Sometimes it's an allergy to the gluten and sometimes it's to the wheat itself.

Most people are allergic to something which they eat regularly but don't know because they've never tried testing themselves. Food allergies cause loss of energy, moodiness, poor immune response, autoimmune responses, etc. Most people just chalk these up to genetics, luck, or environment when it could be something in all of these that could be altered just by testing yourself by excluding different sets of foods.

Some of the hardest things for a body to digest are processed foods. Processed foods are high in simple carbohydrates and fats, and low in fiber, vitamins, etc.

"Grains" are not vegetables, they are seeds. You cannot subsist on grains and other carbohydrates alone unless you are very lucky, or young.

An active adult requires only 5-8 ounces of lean meat (pre-cooked weight) per day.

(Ended abruptly due to trek to east Tejas.)
(Edited 2003-09-18 for spelling and style.)
MWNaturalFoods has lots of good info about other types of flour</a>
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