Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Bad Dreams

This is a bad dream I woke up to this morning.

We lived in a big 1 story house.
A Rachel-like person came to live there somewhere in the middle of the dream. Throughout it, several other people were there or lived there or lived nearby. The guy from matlock was there trying to talk to Rachel about something that she had done, and she was upset about whatever it was. Somewhere in there the Rachel-like person was very upset and wanted me to kiss her. I kissed her, but showed her my ring and told her that the kiss was a lie because I'm married and I love my wife.

Somewhere in there I wandered off.

I saw erica and max there. I had a couple of mess rooms too.

There were other people and other happenings but I can't remember them.

There was some guy who showed up. I don't know if he was a new coworker or just a buddy I'd met. I don't remember his name. He was very plain, not very attractive, but he was about the nicest person you could know.

Some other things happened here that I also don't remember. There had been some exploring the house (which felt like exploring the work site up here).

At some point I come home and Erica is with him and she's packing up all of my things. I start trying to talk to her about it but I know why it happened and she doesn't even really want me there, let alone to talk to me about it. I told her "of all the times I held back and didn't hook up with anyone. In all our years I only kissed 2 people." (I don't know who the other was supposed to have been).

I said I didn't want him there while we talked. I wasn't comfortable with it. I promised him I wouldn't "do anything" because the problem needed to be resolved before "any moves" were made. He finally gave us some privacy, but when I tried to talk about it I realized it wasn't right.

But then I started thinkng, and finally I told Erica that I could convince her to come back (she muttered uh huh), but that I knew that he was nice and attentive and that's more what she needed. She said that's EXACTLY what she needed. I she disappeared or went away and I finished trying to sort and pack one of my mess piles. There were some books and things for a commodore system there, and I thought I should keep them because they had good pictures. I was crying, and a friend was helping me.
And just so you know, housekeeping is VERY noisy around here.
from about 8am until now (9:46 ESD) it's been noise. Lots of dreams, but this is the only one I remember because it was most recent and disturbing enuough to keep me awake.
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