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Regarding do-not-call list rebukes of "Freedom of speech" or "it hurts our business"

Regarding do-not-call list rebukes of "Freedom of speech" or "it hurts our business"

Freedom of speach - the regulation doesn't stop someone from speaking, printing, etc. Telemarketing is a leagallized, concerted effort harrassment system. If there was ONE telemarketing company, no problem, but there are tens of thousands. As a collective whole, they do not respect night time, privacy, or "no". As such, I as an individual, and "we" as any group of individuals forming together to become an entity, have the right to request legislation or regularions be passed to protect "me" or "us" from said concerted effort to harrass.

The other thing I've heard is that "25-33% of those on this list have bought and would buy again, so this is hurting our business." The fact that someone has bought does not immediately concede that they approve of the calls and does not revoke their rights to request that someone not intrude. I can post a sign on my door saying "No solicitors" and until recently, I could shoot someone who was tresspassing on my property. Now, you're saying that if I choose to use the communications tools available today that I an revoking my right to choose who may or may not come into my home? Whose freedom of speech is being infringed upon now? Tax ME so much with harrassment and intrusion and interruption that is is no longer cost effective, for time is the only true currency, for me to keep those communications tools?
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