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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Josh 201604 KWP
apers' mom is coming off of some heart medicine that works really well for her condition, but which is too hard on her liver. They're going to try viagra for her, since it dialates capilaries.

I'd been wondering about that, if doctors had been trying it for non-sexual benefit. Now I wonder if it would be of any help during septic shock or against diabetic neuropathy, since both involve vasoconstriction in the capilaries...

Anyway, enough of my ponderings, everyone think good thoughts for her mom in her med changes.

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Though a mild tangent, I wanted to point of just
how important this type of change is:

Last week my grandfather passed away of cirrhosis;
not from drinking, but from the cancer "treatments"
that lead to his recovery. Perhaps we should
rethink treatments when they end up causing more
harm than good.

And remember that medicine is a practice... like tech support. Even the best doctor doesn't know everything and the worst patient and their family are still not 100% clueless. Never fully put your life in someone else's hands. Be informed and take control of your and your family's health with the HELP of a doctor and their experience.

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