Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Polaroid 450 and Land Film 107.

In the lab, we found a
Polaroid 450
It was made sometime in the 1970s. The film expired in December, 1979. We took photos. The gel wasn't dried up because it was all sealed in a case in an airconditioned lab. Only one photo came out pretty good and that's because we forgot about it and let it develop for around 10 mins. Normal time for this 3000 speed film is about 30 seconds. The one we gave 30 seconds was very very dim. A few others came apart when we pulled the chemical strip off of it.

Anyway, this camera is in great shape and I'm going to see if they'll give it to me. The batteries it takes are way funky, but they're only needed for flash and for the timer (I can count, right?) to let you know when to pull the photo out (manually set, no less).

Anyway, the film is readily available, and is the more rectangular shaped kind that doesn't have the thick white border at the bottom.
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