Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis


Santa Fe for Xmas!

EB and potentially Rachel/Steve-caravan will head out Sunday, Dec 21 for Santa Fe.

EB will check into the Sleep Inn on or about Monday, Dec 22.

Tuesday I will drive to Jenn's at about 9:40am. She will ferry me to work for 10-7 shift.

After work, Jenn will ferry me to the airport for a 9:47 flight to ABQ.

Erica will pick me up and we'll drive back to Santa Fe.

Friday morning, about 5am we will head back to ABQ.

About 6:15 assuming no problems, I'll get there for my 7:10 flight.

I'll land in dallas at 9:50am and Jenn will pick me up in the saturn.

We will drive to the UA terminal and I'll drop her off for her 12:45 flight to Chicago.

Jan 2 or Jan 10 I will head there after work to pick her up assuming she gets in around 8:04pm and waits for luggage. If it's another time, EB and the kids will pick her up.
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