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Josh-D. S. Davis

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QUERY: Cingular GSM network
Josh 201604 KWP
Does anyone around here have a Cingular GSM plan? How do you like it? What type of phone do you have? etc?

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what is GSM?
i have cingular,my stepdad runs the account though - he has a bunch of phones all on his business plan
i just got a new phone though :) colored screen and new buttons, but still the signal isnt great when indoors, esp cell to cell calls, cuts in and out... also sometimes i'll get a voice msg and the phone never rang, ugh.
to me theyre all the same really :P
but price-wise i dont knoww, my stepdad just renegotiated his deal and said it was much better, and there are a lot of cingular service places to get parts n' stuff, always someone to help.

GSM is one of the different radio bands/protocols they use. GSM is newer, and seems to be the big push, but there's much more limited coverage.

Cingular was a nightmare when I used them a few years ago. I had calls on my bill I didn't make, and charges appearing out of the blue for services I never asked for. And it was horrible to try to have those problems remedied. At the time, phone operators said there was nothing they could do, and managers were unavailble. My dad was able to contact a lawyer and get everything "straightened out" in the long run, but it took time. I swore I'd never use their service again.

Nowadays I here the same about them as I do other services. Just be on top of your bills and keep an eye out for random or extra charges. I haven't heard other nightmares like I did three years ago while we had ours. Maybe it was just a rough time for them.

Hrm... See, the Cingular here is/was SBC Wireless and they always treated me well. Sprint service sucked so bad from a functional/usability standpoint that EB and I swore them off. I've heard of problems with AT&T but I've heard of goodness. I've heard Verizon is the best for travelling around.

I'm looking to upgrade my phones, and one option requires moving to a GSM plan which is actually cheaper, but I'm concerned about coverage.

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