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A friend got this sent to him. Somehow they thought he was somehow the HR or complaint dept for Albertsons. It seems a bit involved to be false. Verify anyone?

The message from Tuesday, December 16, 2003

my name is Wissline Augustin and I worked at the Albertson store in Tallahassee store number 4343 as a service deli. On Thursday, while I was at work I had a call from a woman, I couldnt understand what she was saying so i told her to wait so i can get a manger on the phone but in stead she reteaped what she said to me and made it clear that she wantted 40 pieces of chicken for 7pm that day. I told her I couldnt do it and she asked me why i said because after the rest of the crew leave I cant do anymore chicken for the same day that she would half to do it for the next day. so she asked me when did they start this i said it been like that and she said ok thank you and i said welcome,sorry,bye. The reason i told the lady that i couldnt make her any chicken because i remember when i first started i asked the guy that formerly worked for our department if we were allowed to make any orders that same day and he said no iam only suppose to make chicken for the hot case. So anyways, just to make sure i callled my manager Lisa (deli manager) and asked her iam i allowed to make chicken for the same day she said yes to never turn down an order. I told her that someone called and i told them no i couldnt again she told me to never turn down an order.Not even a minute later another woman called me asking for another order of 40 piece chicken and was i allowed to make it. i said yeah i can make it for her and the lady went bullistic saying something about her mom called and i told her no i couldnt make it for her,then when she called i said i could,and that she need to speak to my manager etc. when i try to clam her down she wouldnt let me speak ever time i said ma'm she would talk over me , then the lady clicked in my face. After that one manager at a time would pass by my department but no one said anything about the phone call i had.Then manager that in charge of the bakery and the deli when she came she asked me for Lisa(deli manager).i told her that she went home and she asked me when, i told her a couple minutes after i came. Then she told me that i need to make 40 pieces of chicken for 7 oclock. 5 minutes later,while i was preping chicken for that oder,manger came her name is Monique. she asked me do i have a phone list and i had to show it to her. when i went to show her there was the store manager. he to asked for the phone list and i showed him where it was at. he then told me to show him anyone phone number is( this book only have like 3 pages and some of the number is marked out;but if he knew everyones name he wouldn't have a problem with it knowing that there is only 4 females and no males that work back there.) i showed him lisa's phone number and they left and sent someone to help me with the chicken order. He(store manager) came back 5 minutes later and said to me "You can go now" it didnt seem right to me so i said "you're firing me" he said "yeah" so i said "ok." He didnt give me no reason what so ever so i thought he didnt fire me. i thought the guy that was checking on the departments fired me. So i went to clock out and i walked back to the deli and asked the store manager where was the department manager he told me he was up stairs. i went up stairs to ask him why did he fire. he was talking on the phone and i waited there for a while. when he finally wantted to talked to me i asked him why did he fire me he said he didnt maybe tim did. so he called tim on the redline and he told him that i wantted to know why did he fire me. when tim came upstairs to talk to me he came with monique. and this is what tim said to me: "The woman called and said you clicked on her two times and she threated to called the home office thats why you are fired" I said sire "I didnt do that" He said "well she threated to call the home office ok" I said "I didnt, the first lady called and i couldnt understand what she was saying so i told her i was going to get my manager. then she told me what she wantted and i told her i couldnt do it. then Tim said" well" Then i said "I called Lisa and she told me to do it. After i hung up with Lisa another lady called asking for the same thing then she started goig crazy on the phone and she clicked in my face." tim said" monique is right here and she is the one that spoke to her then,looked over at monique and she said "the woman called and she was not happy she said you hung up on her and that she wantted to call the home office" and i believe monique said that the woman that is in charge of the bakery and the deli spoke to her too iam not sure. then tim said so ok thats why you are fired. after that the conversation was over i notice when i was trying to explain to tim everything i was saying was going thru one ear out the other. so i when i was walking out i said "f@&* it" i didnt care if i was heard or not. I was so mad. I mean come on, i am in college and i also have a dughter to take care of all by myself why would i do something like that. why would i put my job on the line like that knowing that tallahassee is a college town and it is hard to get a job out here and i also wouldnt go thru all this if i felt like i was wrong. iam originally from naples,fl. and i have been working in a grocery store since i was 15 yrs old and never in my life i saw or heard anyone get fired because a customer threated to call home office. the manager always find a better solution and its not fireing an employee either. i called the albertson on thomsville rd also and i dont know the store number over there and i explained what happened if i was at fault i think he would of told me. i also called the 888 number (1-888-746-7252) and the guy that i was talking to said they are going to investigate and give me a call and it can take up to 21days. i cant wait like i said i have a daughter take care of and if i was a really mean person i would've taken this matter to the court of law but iam not. i just want my job back. Notice how i did give the store manager's name at first thats because he never introduce himself to me, never smiles, calls me hey, and never talks to me unless he wants something done. In naples serive like that would not even be tolerated. please help me tell me if iam at fault i really want my job back also. thank you

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