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VM Ware

I've installed a virtual machine at work in this product called VMWare. I'm running Win 2k Advanced Server inside of Win 2k Workstation. All is OK, and perf isn't too bad. I have it tuned down a bit (set to Below Normal) and it gets a tiny choppy once in a while, but it's good.

I have 2 problems with VMware.

#1, Networking. it doesn't have a built-in router for the virtual interface, so I have to rely on windows. Well, if I were running the linux version it wouldn't be an issue, but windows doesn't do NAT w/o funky stuff. Connection sharing seems to keep breaking things. VMWare comes with a DHCP Server, so why not a mini router? So right now, I'm posting through an apache proxy running on the host computer.

They have a bridged network option, but it ONLY works on ethernet, not on token-ring. Well, We're still using token ring for now, so I'm skrude. I guess once the migration to 100mbit ether is done, I can use the bridged interface and it'll be all cool.

#2, video drivers. They have a special driver that runs inside the VM which does direct memory copies, or something similar, which is supposed to speed up video inside the VM.

Well, it doesn't.

In fact, it leaves borders and edges not updated, so I have this pixel-trash all over inside the VM.

Also, it doesn't pass Direct-X or OpenGL through the video interface. Yah, I know, why do graphics in a VM, well, for me, it's because it won't munge registry on my real box to uninst/reinst all the time.

Anyway, it's still cool. I'm posting this from inside the VM.
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