Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Up and Coming birthdays

So how is it that Eiwe and Jenny have the same birthday? I mean, there are 356 days in the year. The chances of 2 people being born on the same day are astronomical. I mean, there aren't THAT many people. What are the chances. Sheesh.

Assuming even distribution, of the present world population, 17418174 were born on any given day. World population will increase by an average of 200,534 each day this month. With an average of 154,585 dying each day, this means some 355k people are born each day this year.

And buying gifts early is the best way to go. I got EB's gift like 3 weeks ago because otherwise, I might have forgotten. She probably knows what it is, but who knows. She also got a spontaneous 10-drawer flat file because she stumbled onto one (OUCH!) for cheap and I decided to buy it when she couldn't really bring herself to bid. :)
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