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More and more public-domain free etexts are available on the net, from classics to ancient manuscripts.


Alex Directory (Oxford University)
An impressive database of thousands of etexts, from Greek classics to Karl Marx, in two dozens different languages.Searchable by different criteria.

Broad selection of etexts.The Wiretap.spies server hosts the contributions from Usenet's alt.etext community.

Project Libellus
Latin etexts and commentaries.

CCAT (University of Pennsylvania)
Classic, medieval, modern, historical and religious Etexts from UPenn's Center for Computer Analysis of Texts.

University of Minnesota
Large collection of etexts, from Aesop to Shakespeare.

Eris Project (Virginia Tech)
Large collection of classics.

Online Book Initiative
A collection of etext classics from The World, one of the first ISP in Internet history.


Project Gutenberg
The biggest archive of ASCII etexts on the Web, a cornerstone in public-domain e-publishing.Has an ftp mirror site at University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.

Etext Center (University of Pennsylvania)
Classics from UPenn's Department of English.

The American Memory (Library of Congress)
Over 1 million items online, SGML etexts, images, digitized microfilms.

The English Server (Carnegie Mellon University)
Large archive of english literature from CMU's Department of English.

Books On-line (Carnegie Mellon University)
More than 8,000 ebooks digitally formatted by CMU's School of Computer Science, including sections about banned books and foreign language literature.

Humanities Text Initiative (University of Michigan)
Although many etexts have restricted access, there's a good choice of classics.

Hundreds of free ebooks in ASCII format to read on your browser.

University of Cologne
An index of etexts available at international digital libraries.

National Academy Press Reading Room
More than a thousand reference etexts in html, image and PDF formats.You can also buy them on paper placing a publication-on-demand order.

Ebooks and Pamphlets (University at Buffalo Libraries)
Hundreds of reference and government etexts in html and PDF formats.

The Electronic Library at
Hundreds of classics in html, browsable by categories.Has an ftp site as well.

Corpus of Electronic Texts (University College Cork)
Good archive of etexts of Irish literature and history in html and SGML formats.Listings include etexts in french and latin.

The Libyrinth
Selected pages of modern and postmodern authors.

Hyperizons: Hypertext Fiction Homepage
An "historical" (by net standards) directory from Duke University:not updated anymore, but still interesting.

Project Bartleby (Columbia University)
Just search the Archive of Poetry and Classics or visit the New Bartleby Library.

Dartmouth University Hyperbooks (ftp)
22 classics to download.

The Etext Archives
Archive of Usenet contributions (fiction and politics) and E-zines in ASCII.

Electronic Text Center (University of Virginia Library)
Number of SGML etexts in english and a dozen foreign languages.

Mason West's Master Works of Western Civilization
A valuable directory of public-domain etexts available on the Web, from Homer to Joyce, plus an ambitious selection of recommended offline readings.

Chapter One (Washington Post)
You can read for free the first chapter of fiction and non-fiction bestsellers.

Internet Public Library
A Reading Room with more than 12,000 etexts.

Bibliomania - The Network Library
Classics of fiction, non fiction and poetry. Most in html, some in PDF format.

The Marx/Engels Internet Archive
Collection of writings from University of Colorado.

Electronic Archive of Early American Fiction
Some free etexts from the subscriber services of University of Virginia Library.

William Blake Archive (University of Virginia)
An hypermedia archive of SGML etexts sponsored by Library of Congress and Sun.

Oxford Text Archive (ftp)
Selected classics in english and french.

The Book Rack
An archive of ASCII contemporary poetry, songs and plays from Ygdrasil Journal of the Poetic Arts.

Project Wittemberg
Works by and about Martin Luther and other lutherans.Has a gopher archive.

Perseus Project (Tufts University)
Ancient Greek classics with morphological links, latin texts and english translations.

Internet Classics Archive (MIT)
441 english translations of greco-roman, chinese and persian classics.

William Shakespeare (MIT)
The complete works.

Project Runeberg
Archive of classics of Nordic Literatures.

An italian company offering online translation in dozens of languages with an interesting archive of international etexts.


Italian Literature

Classics (CRS4 Cagliari)
Italian poetry and essays in html.

Liber Liber
A great collection of italian classics in html, RTF and ASCII from Project Manuzio digital library program.

Digital Dante (Columbia University)
A collection of writings and essays.

Ancient Manuscripts (BNCF)
From Florence National Central Library.

The Electronic Library at
An interesting section of Italian Classics in html format.

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