Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

FOR SALE: Electronics

Things for pickup in Denton:

$150 obo 19" Dell Trinitron, beige, used but in great shape. Monitor and cord only, no box.

$125 obo pair of 240watt 3-way 12"/5"/horn/bass-port studio monitors, spring-clip terminals. Fuzzy covering is in poor shape, but the cabinet and cones are all in excellent shape.

$100 obo Harman Kardon AVR40 AM/FM, DOLBY PRO LOGIC A/V RECEIVER. Includes remote, box, manuals. Warranty ends in May. Works like a champ, great condition. 65W per channel in stereo mode. In surround mode, 55W per channel front left, right and center channels @ 8 ohms, then 25W per rear channel @ 4 ohms. HCC +/- 35 amps; 5 audio inputs and 3 A/V inputs, with front panel VID 3 inputs for use with games or camcorders. FM Stereo/AM tuner with 30 presets. Harman Kardon Wrap Circuitry with Front Panel indicator.

$40 obo Linksys BEFSR41 ethernet NAT/IPSec router for use with DSL or cable modem to allow multiple computers to share one IP. Includes a built-in 4-port hub. In box, complete. Used one year and then replaced with wireless model.

$10 IDE CD-ROM 48x, black, bare, Samsung, unused.

$1 Pentium 90 cpu and motherboard
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