Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Red Hoot

So I'm testing out the Linux Client for eBusiness. It's Red Hat 9 plus custom packages.

So, it seems ok, but it's a little crusty. Mozilla 1.2.1, and such. So I install Mozilla 1.6 (no rpm, oh well, too lazy to make one and too picky to use the 1.5 rpm).

Then I'm poking around.. no uuencode. WTF. I thought this was a completely standard tool.

So anyway, I go to put gaim on. wants me to install some gtk stuff.
So I go to put on the gtk stuff, and it wants newer glibc.

So I'm thinking to myself, there has to be some sort of package management tools here. I mean, using "rpm" to maintain a system is like asking someone to rebuild an engine with a flathead screwdriver and a ball-pien hammer.

So I find this thing called up2date. You sell your soul and privacy to RedHat in order to use some sort of package management tool. I try... "Unable to register account." I try with a modified user name, same error. WTF. Maybe part of IBM's stuff, or maybe their xmlrpc site has moved since RH9 came out.

So anyway, I look more. There's apt derivitives, but you have to have an apt source. Well, I can't verywell convert the remote rpm pile to an apt source. I also don't have space to dl it all and re-org it myself.

I did more research on rpm and I found --root and --aid flags, which seemed promising; however, for whatever reason, it either silently failed, silently hung or got a transfer error. When I dl the packaged 1 by 1, it's happy to dl the whole thing and then complain that I'm missing something.

Meanwhile, various parts of gnome crash and sometimes respawn (delete key for desktop items is gone until I log out, but the panel is back).

The newest package on here is from 05 of 2003.

So, am I just a schmuck who is used to apt-get doing magic for me, or is rpm really a PITA?

UPDATE We have this thing called Ximian Red Carpet Enterprise, which might be what I'm looking for.
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