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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
Josh: Here, try this.
Max: Mmm *chomp**chomp*
Max: What is it?
Josh: Sausage.
Max: Nyaaaaa.. I don't like dat.
Max: *scrapes out mouth*
Josh: *wipes his hands on socks*
Max: haah. Are THOSE socks?
Josh: Yes
Max: Those are GOOD towels!

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Yes. Yes they are.

Anywho. I'd like to come pick the motherboard and goodies today, but I lost the number, address and whatnot. Message me on the usual screennames and we can get in touch.

I am marking this action item completed. *grin*

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