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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Whale FARK
Josh 201604 KWP
EB's work just laid off 80 more people, 11 in her office. She's on FMLA Leave, and they haven't contacted her yet; however, nice people in the rumor mill have confirmed that she's on the cut list.

Also, I know, but EB doesn't know, because she's on the phone with someone else, and I got the call from the confident.

It's funny because if they do let her go, they have fired everyone who knows the procedures for interfacing with their second biggest account, which is about to go into another development phase.

It's NOT funny because we just had a baby. Good thing I didn't mail off ccard payments yet. Looks like it'll be smaller payments this time around.

I'm curious though, since FMLA I think protects her from this to some extent. I'll have to look up the wording, because they're not firing her, they're truly downsizing due to workload drop.

Also, they won't let people work part-time, and they converted her from hourly. That seems stupid to me, since they waste SOOO much time with lull time inbetween projects... they could have kept people on a contract basis... some people would do that.

They also closed another whole office elsewhere. They've laid off over 3/4 of their workforce in the last year, so far as I can tell.