Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Degeneration of spammers

Most of the spam I've been getting has been random words instead of even sentences. An example is:
And against, radioactive The exciting and school bus?

He slippery, Are don't x the she student food stop i or CD v their and sending mail to he bug there human h is striped. towel, Their fishy h school on computer The enough x on frosty there dull and sometimes or The h. He shy, On he or was melting he sticky or rubbery d is city r. The town, He book on people and been. Is little, zoo are in front of. And huge i, Also face three, the sour b hat y fraction e and blue it behind homeless man there throwing? becoming, Or said h The each filthy she ice cube the bony also time the special their chicken The hammering CD n. And man, Or air x he away. televsion program, Also more it orange is went is many The tiny j there against it creamy armpit there coming v helpful moron.

* Their melting, There machine it and help v a tooth, a fat a here on buttery c.
* It hat v, I coat stupid gingerbread man there r there read?
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