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Hah, on the flip side, a friend who runs a consulting company is looking for someone with TSM/AIX experience for a travel position...... 1-3 week contracts, home on weekends. Busy times are around 80% travel, and lull times could be as much as a month home. Free IBM Ed card, and just tons of potential to learn hands-on all kinds of goodness.

This is good because EB was laid off along with 80 other people (and c2l is forcing mandatory 5 days w/o pay for all remaining employees. Can we say CASH FLOW problems?) and blue chip, inc. has been trimming back -- not in my dept, but in my division. My mangler suggested basically that if my stats don't come up, I'm first on the list of blue emps to go. On the flip side, our dept has been immune to layoffs so far.

I too had wierd dreams today. One was I was at my mom's... I kept hearing a wierd car alarm off in the distance. I went home, it was dark inside. Not much people interaction, just sentiment for the house I mostly grew up in. I went to my old room (which IRL is my mom's den) and I had all kinds of stuff waiting for me... phonebooks... even new ones I could take home with me. And some cheap, yet durable no-name power tools, a seaman's chest... I came to when I saw a mug (more like a large serving bowl with a loop handle on one side) that we have here in our real house, and it had water, mud, and some ground fungus we have here. I gave up on tracking down the car alarm because as I began to wake more fully, I realized that the sound was from the DVD menu of Yellow Submarine. There was more to it, but I don't recall.

Matt's lease is until december. I remember him telling me September... Then later, end of august. How'd this get to December? I think his apt place is just fucking with him.

He mentioned how hot it is. No shit man. I went out and mowed/watered today, from about 1:30 until about 3pm I was in this sweltering evilness. I got sunburn on my face, scalp and legs. Not bad, so I guess I'm doing well. I know I was heat exhausted because, A) when I finished my shower (cold water only), the water pouring off of my legs was STILL hot, and B) when I got out of the shower, even after all the water I drank outside (at least a pint) and the water I drank in the shower (about half a pint), I stood under the fan, feeling the cold as the water dried, and I was swimmy. I had food and crashed on the sofa, only to have the wierd dreams mentioned above. I'm ok now, but wow... it was hot.

Speaking of wierd dreams, does anyone remember the game "Wierd Dreams"?

I just shared my digital camera's memory on our local LAN. There's just something really kick-ass about that.

I need more storage. I think I need something that's an embedded filesystem processor in bulk RAM. I'm thinking 50 terabytes, multi-gigahert speeds with 1k parallel channels... Thinking a single, embedded, high-speed system, with a proprietary switch that allows other network interfaces to connect on... gigabit ethernet, 4gb fibre channel, fire wire, usb, 10b-t, whatever...

I need something where I can store all of my crap, it needs to be high speed access, highly parallel, and moving/reorganizing should be handled internally. There's no need to have to load the info into my computer, then back out, just to more it around. It should be fast, and pointer based... with redundancy and write verification. Should be multiple fields to store in the file metatadata, and you should be able to index based on these fields... so each field would be in it's own index, plus, you could access by file ID, which wouldn't be it's name. The ID would be unique and would carry with the file. It would be based off of creation time, a random number, and a machine ID... maybe 128 bits or more, to provide a sufficiently large base of unique numbers so as to not clobber... but have provisions for not clobbering... or for clobbering...

It's just that today's filesystems suck balls for bulk storage and for data organization. Just try backing up a terabyte every night and see what kind of problems you have...

Tape sucks... Event he good stuff from STK, IBM, Exabyte... It's still magnetic media. It goes bad. It's flimsy and easily damaged. Because of the time it takes to do this stuff, there's not time to re-verify... it just sucks.

Me, I only have 180g of storage, about 130g of data... some of it redundant...
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