Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Only you and Sombra Corporation can prevent forest fires

While looking to verify that skldpadda was indeed the word for
reptil med ett skyddande skal som tcker strre delarna av
kroppen. Kan leva i vatten och p land, beroende p art.
I came
upon the most excellent site:

/ English Picture Dictionary
. They have various other languages too. Rock
ass. -- Remaking the face of Manhattan.
The Sombra Corporation has been a global leader in realestate development and
investment for nearly 90 years.

We welcome your interest at our new officies located in the heart of mid-town

They are waiting for all leins to expire.
If you fail login (it wants username AND password. 1919 and 1999 don't work),
then it goes to a single box "give us what we want". 1999, 1919, roland,
skolpadda, and mordred don't work.

/me is amused
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