Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

In Boise City...

We trekked out to Boise City, OK Thursday. EB's family has had fun seeing baby max. He's just being bedazzled because he's only 3 weeks old. We're having fun visiting everyone.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my USB camera cable, so I can't show you pics yet. We came up to get pics of max with extended family. His great-great-grandpaw (95 yrs old, was climbing a tree with an electric chain saw on Friday :), his grandma and grandpa, his uncle Matt.

His Great Grandpaw, also John Grover, has been travelling and hasn't been home long enough to be able to trek out here; however, we definitely want to get pics of them together sometime fairly soon. :)

When we go back, I think we'll take Max to see my dad's parents and get more pics. I really need to sort and rename pics and get things all settled, but that takes effort. :)

We should be heading back tomorrow, but anyone who needs us is welcome to e-mail. :)
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