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Josh-D. S. Davis

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query universe re: pricing.
Josh 201604 KWP
I bought a weed whacker from harbor freight. It was $79 refurb ryobi. It's great, I like it. 26cc, 4cycle, 12.5 pounds, 7800rpm.

So I go to check on the rest of my order and on the front page is another Ryobi refurbished weedwhacker. This one is 31cc, 4cycle, 9.5 pounds, 7000rpm for $49.

So I compare closer, and it turns out that the cheaper one has a fixed head while the one I got has a removable head so you can attach brush-trimmers, edgers, or whatever else they get high demand for.

So is it worth the effort to try to return the one I have for the $30 diff, or should I be happy I made the pricing mistake and enjoy the fact that I can put other attachments on it, even if I don't use them.

(Though i did imagine interfacing with the drive shaft as the feed for a go-kart, and I also have horrible visions of a certian item from Naked Gun 33 1/3.).

Even in writing about it, I SUPPOSE the $30 extra is worth it, should I actually end up getting any additional attachments. It's just, the only attachment I can think of that I could use would be an edger, but I got the thicker, permanent line to install in place of the feed line so I could use it as an edger.

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in my experience with materialistic itemage.

always go with the better one
because it will last longer

and in the long run it will be much more worth the money in hassle in not only features but functioning /durability...

just like when buying a good pair of shoes, couch, car, etc... if you get better quality and take care of it - it will last forever... we live in a disposable society where things are made as cheap as possible, short term gains... avoid it at all cost (ha)

that's my outlook anyway..

Cool. Yah. It's same make and such, but 40% more has more buffer room for refinement, sooo..

(Deleted comment)
Yah, sometimes I shop around more than others. But also sometimes I'm lazy. :)

And when I got it, I think it was the best choice at that time... :)

How about contacting the store and explaining that they simply delivered the wrong one, but that you're quite content with it and could you please have your $30 back or get some other kind of compensation... perhaps they'll even give you an edger as part of the some kind of "we're sorry you got the wrong stuff" apology.

Or you could simply tell them that no matter what you'd really like to have a receipt for the model you got for guarantee purposes in case it breaks. If you hand in one model and show a receipt for another one then you can be sure the guarantee won't hold.

(Deleted comment)
Be nice.
I think he just misunderstood my post.

But the concept reminds me of when Lobster returned a 1-year old futon with stains and wax and stuff spilled on it. No box. "My grandmother didn't like it..." He cut the date off the receipt. Amazingly, the guy who was his cashier was there that day. They asked if he remembered selling it to the guy and he said, yah, he thinks so, and they took it back. There's all sorts of stuff I've wanted to return to Wal-Mart.

Heck, I even had a guy at the store tell me "just keep the receipt and bring it back" when I complained about not being able to get an extended warranty.

I don't have a serious problem with it, I just don't have the bawlz for that.

I got the one I ordered, so all should be well with that. I just found another one after the order that was cheaper and bigger engine at the expense of being able to add attachments.

Buyer's remorse probably fits in there somewhere too.

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