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cust sat is a corporate directive - but managers kill it and blame us.

An example of call flow for my queue
Customer calls the 800 number
Customer navigates to software support
Response Coordinator takes information and routes
NOTE: most misroutes are not reported due to time constraints
Customer is transferred to hold queue.
Customer waits 0 - 90 minutes depending on current workload
Customer is given option at 3 min intervals to leave voicemail
Workers are required to stay available.
If customer doesn't want to wait on the phone with us,
then the owning tech is not allowed to stay unavailable for other work
If other calls are holding, or come in, the research must be postponed.
If tech needs help, must contact one of two "backend" reps
Back end reps both work M-F 9-6
Back end reps often take lunch at same time.
Back end reps are required to stay available as well.
When backend rep is not available, no escalation is possible
There is no queue and backends are required to meet the same metrics as front end.
Backends are also required to perform lab maintenance on 30+ machines
Backends are also required to perform reporting, class development and training for the team.
What really happens is that backends are not available to help the front end.
Customers wait for escalation approval.
In some cases this takes more than one business day.
Backends do not generally have time to take ownership or escalations.
Generally they ask questions or approve escalation.
Generally they are busy and can't maintain context when asking questions
Front End cannot escalate without backend approval.
Once approved for escalation, owning tech must contact escalation queue techs.
They said they didn't want this - to always approve it
We were told this is not "per process" and the process must be followed.
If the primary tech is not available on sametime, the team lead is attempted.
If the team lead is not available, then we can try to find someone else.
In practice, they monitor their inbound queue for RETAIN PMRs and no PMR sits more than a few minutes.
If there is no response, we may not escalate.
Staffing has only been reduced. No contractor backfill.
As less time is available, less hours are billed.
Backend admin tasks are not considered "utilization"
Team Lead admin tasks are not considered "utilization"
No one really cares.
But then customer sat fails, and it's our fault.
It's our fault they staff for average and not for peak.

So then, I look at my 4th line manager's client sat page.
The #1 fault was responsiveness
- 20% of dissat customers say it took too long to resolve
- 25% of sat customers said it took too long to resolve.
- it takes too long to get resolution,
- Responsiveness is below expectations
- Lack of follow up or status update
- Delayed escalation to alert or complaint status
- Delayed escalation to next level within SSR ranks
- lack of adherence to established escalation time guidelines
#2 & #3 were tied between proficiency and skill.
lack of skills firs time to avoid delay
Failure to tap other skills available
There is a corporate directive to maintain customer sat
So how is this not a staffing issue?

A month or two ago, our second line manager was asking why customer sat was diving this year. I let one of the ops people know that we were not allowed to actually do research. We can do it while waiting for a call, or on lucch, breaks, or after work.

Since when does a customer care that the responsiveness is staff level based? They want a solution.

But it's still my review that will suffer because I didn't meed follow up committments.

Um, I'm here 15 hours of primeshift, and 25 offshift. Sometimes I have to take calls, and just throw them in my personal queue without getting to work on them for days. In my off days, no one has time to work in my queue, and if they do get free time, they rejoyce and slack off.
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