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Emulex Adapters on AIX

I ran into an issue with Emulex adapters and while working it, I gathered up all of this juicy info in case anyone else wants it. I don't promise anything, but something's better than nothing, right?

Info about IBM and Emulex cards
Info about IBM and Emulex cards
Info about IBM and Emulex cards

LED 910
   1/4GB Fiber Channel/266 Standard Adapter being identified
   or configured.

Emulex AIX driver info:
   LP stands for "Light Pulse"

   Dual Channel cards are PCI bridge and require devices.pci.pci.rte

   required AIX operating system 4.2, AIX 4.3.3 ML8 and AIX4.3.3 ML10
   Dual Channel card requires AIX 4.3.3 ML8 or ML10
   The latest Emulex AIX driver and lputil are in lpfc.

   No future versions of the driver for AIX are planned.
   The current version listed on this page is the final version.

   IBM has written a device driver (fcs) for Emulex LightPulse
   adapters that is included with the AIX 4.3.2 and later operating
   systems. The IBM fcs driver will conflict (same PCI device ID)
   with the Emulex lpfc device driver.

   Emulex drivers don't hang the children device properly
   As such, to recursively remove, do this:

   Find the parent slot:
      # lsdev -Cl lpfc0 -F parent
         pci12 (or other number)

   Remove the devices
      # rmdev -Rdl pci12

   Back up the ODM
      # cd /etc/objrepos
      # mkdir bak
      # cp * bak

   Clean up leftovers in ODM
      for i in 6 7 8 9 ; do
         # odmdelete -q type=lp$i000 -o PdDv
      for i in 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 ... 0.31
         # odmdelete -q "name=fchan$i" -o CuDv
         # odmdelete -q "name=fchan$i" -o CuAt
         # odmdelete -q "name=fchan$i" -o CuVPD
      for i in 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 ... 0.31
         # odmdelete -q "name=lpfc$i" -o CuDv
         # odmdelete -q "name=lpfc$i" -o CuAt
         # odmdelete -q "name=lpfc$i" -o CuVPD

   Retry to remove the PCI slot
      # rmdev -Rdl pci12

   Reconfigure devices
      If current drivers, reboot
      If not current drivers, uninstall, install new, reboot
      If you really really want to use old drivers: # cfgmgr -1 -p1

4-S  FC6227 Gigabit PCI Fibre       09P1173  LP7000
     FC 6227 is LP7000   (3.22A1 or higher)

   LEDs blank mean wake-up failure (dead board)
   If set to Emulex mode, it will request df1001f7

   The host adapter has two jumper blocks (JX1, JX2) that control the
   host adapter's device ID. The default Device ID is F800.
   Device ID  Jumper Settings    Mode
   F800       JX1:1-2, JX2:2-3   IBM 6227 mode
   F801       JX1:2-3, JX2:1-2   UNK mode
   1AE5       JX1:2-3, JX2:2-3   EMC / Emulex mode

   This is valid only for 6227 Adapters !!
   Emulex LP8000 can't be jumpered to behave as 6227

LP8000 requests
   minimum firmware version 3.21a0;
   version 2 of the DragonFly ASIC requires firmware version 3.81a3
   The dual channel card requires firmware version 3.82a1
   Current firmware for this card is 3.92a2

   It asks for these:
      *f8 does not exist.  See the following notices.

   PSeries  distributes IBM device drivers though AIX for IBM fibre
   channel adapters FC 6227 (based on Emulex  LP7000) , FC 6228 (base
   on Emulex LP9002) and FC 6229  (based on Emulex LP9802).   PSeries
   does not support any products base on the LP8000 and I don't believe
   that we have ever distributed devices drivers for LP8000, and we do
   not distribute Emulex AIX 5.1 device drivers.
   Tim Piasecki - Project Manager pSeries Fibre Channel HBAs

   Emulex drivers will show the card as:
      lpfc0 and lpfc0.01 -> 32
      "Emulex LP8000 Fibre Channel Adapter"

   AIX default drivers show as:
      fchan0 and fchan0.1 -> 15

   cfgmgr of LP8000 will show similar to:
      attempting to configure device 'lpfc0'
      Time: 13        LEDS: 0x910                                               
      invoking /usr/lib/methods/cfglpfc -l lpfc0                                  
      Number of running methods: 1                                                
      Completed method for: lpfc0, Elapsed time = 0
      return code = 0
      ****************** no stdout ***********
      ****************** stderr ***********
      cfglpfc: lpfc0 is using the COMBO FCP/LAN driver
      def_child: Beginning Children Definition Phase.
      def_child: Maximum transfer (bytes): 262144
      def_child: Node entry: 0 state: 6  flag: 20  did: fffffe
      def_child: Node entry: 1 state: 6  flag: 0  did: c1201                     
      def_child: Node entry: 2 state: 2  flag: 0  did: fffc0c                    

4-W  FC6228 2-Gigabit 64-bit Fibre  09P0102  LP9002
     FC 6228 is LP9002   (3.81a3 emulex or 3.82A1 IBM)


5704 FC5704 2-Gigabit PCI-X Fibre   00P4297  LP9802 low profile
     FC 6239 is LP9802   (recommended 1.00x5)

   The pSeries Fibre Channel adapter (FC 6239) is based on the
   Emulex LP9802. It has unique IBM Vital Product Data (VPD) that
   enables certain AIX features and it uses a version of IBM-
   tested firmware that has been qualified to run on pSeries.

    both cards run same driver (devices.pci.df1000f9) and same
    firmware levels (3.91A1 or later)

More IBM Drivers:

IBM Firmware checking
   # lscfg -vl fc###

Emulex firmware checking:
   # lputil
     1) list adapters
        LP8000 ready mode
     3) FW maintenance
        4) display ram load list

See the emulex manuals for more details on Emulex branded cards
See the IBM FC6227, FC6228, FC6239, PCI Placement and adapters guides.
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