Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Microwave picks

I'm looking for a microwave, under $200, minimally 900W, minimally 1.2 cuft, over the range with vent/fan and light preferrably.

2.2cuft, 1350W, $120:
This one is huge inside, but it's countertop

Convection and microwave in one for $150:
This one is just cool, but it's not over the range.

1.5cuft, 1000W, over the range with vent for $210:
I'm not sure about the "concealed controls" and $210 is a little much for .1cuft and 50W more

1.4cuft, 950W, over the range, vent, add-a-minute for $150 (183.72 shipped):
Maybe the best balance, especially with a 5 year warranty on the magnetron

Roper (whirlpool "white industries" oem brand), 1.4, 950, over, vent, $149:
I can pick this up at lowes, and tax will be less tnat $30, so this may also win out, but is only 1 yr warranty

We had a Goldstar at the Bunker house. It worked well and was $198 open box. There was a GE on Lowes' site that was $209 that looked nice and had a door handle, but was otherwise about the same as the above.

Any input would be appreciated.
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