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Boat Tour Doused In Human Waste
Aug 9, 2004 9:28 am US/Mountain

CHICAGO (CBS 2) Riders on a Chicago architectural boat learned the hard way to enjoy the city's sights, but don't open your mouth in awe.

On Sunday, as a boat passed under the Grand Avenue bridge, passengers were soaked by human waste from a charter bus above.

Many of the passengers got nauseous. The boat captain sped back to the dock.

Five people were taken from the Chicago Little Lady boat to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where they were treated for exposure to E. coli and other forms of bacteria, and released, according to police.

The Chicago Architecture Foundation that arranged the tour issued refunds, paid for passengers cab fares and will pay to dry clean their clothes.

The Foundation also plans to contact the charter bus company and demand that its buses be inspected for defects.

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