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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Bernie's Baby.
Josh 201604 KWP
We got clarification on Bernie's baby as mention in the Preemie post

She had gone to check up on things because of some sort of strange feeling. The first doctor said to just go home and rest. The second doctor found she had an infection and the umbilical was tied in a knot.

She was admitted in Amarillo and delivered the baby via cesarian section on Aug 1. The baby was at 26 weeks and not 22 weeks as we had initially thought.

Korbin was 1 pound, 10 oz at birth. He came off the respirator and was doing well. Bernie finally got to hold him on Sat, Aug 7. Unfortunately, he didn't gain enough weight passed this morning.

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oh my gosh... that's so little ~____~

wonder how it gets tied in a knot?

Wait, the baby didn't make it? :(

Yeah. did he make it or not? With that last sentence I'm unsure...

No. :( So sad. Erica grew up with the mom, but they're so far away now. They had been trying for a long time and gave up, then got preggo.

It has to be very very tough.

That is so sad, I am sorry to hear such a thing. I hope everyone is ok!

I know she had to be in a hospital 2 hours from home because she lives in BFE Oklahoma, and Amarillo was the closest large-city with NICU. Her husband had to stay in OK to work and only visit on the 2 weekends.

It makes me very sad.

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