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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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pricing for destinations I might want to visit should I win the jackpot
Josh 201604 KWP
round trips single adult coach
   $300 for SWF   Stewart / Newburgh
     3x for less than 2 weeks notice
   3.5x for no sat night stay
     6x for no sat night and less than 2 weeks
   $250 for ATL   Atlanta
   $170 for ORD   Chicago O'Hare
   $350 for SFO   San Francisco
   $125 for AMA   Amarillo
   $191 for ABQ   Albuquerque
   $245 for DEN   Denver
  $1100 for MVD   Montevideo
   $815 for WAW   Warszawa
    for KRK   Krakow

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Dang. I meant to go buy a lottery ticket for last night's drawing. Maybe I'll go a little early to pick up Max from preschool and swing by the Lottery Ticket Place (where they also sell chocolate, coincidentally).

Mmmmm. Bàte, Bàte, Chocolate!

If we win the lotto, can we fly to several destinations after paying off everything and prepaying our utilities?

Whaddya mean CAN WE? I thought that was a given... Along with secretly gifting our friends with cash, of course. Oh, and a big party is necessary. We should start making notes for our DJ wishlist. Simon Posford?

Posford, and the swede of course, and mebbe get some recommendations.

See, it's not even that expensive to come to Atlanta! Glad to see it's on your list. :)

But of COURSE. Atlanta is you. Chicago is my exroomie Christiana. SanFran is crackmonkey and jenny. Amarillo is, well, just a place, but it seems to be very central for alot of the places we go. ABQ is an hour from Erica's parents, sister, grandparents, and some aunts/uncles. Denver has my aunt/uncle, one of erica's, plus my the Chakrabortys and the Millers. Montevideo is where a coresident lives and is a big city in South America. Warsaw is another coresident and good friend Zbigniew and his family. Plus, I've never been to europe, so mebbe we could drive around to finland, sweden, france, germany, and the uk.

Hell, I think I'd want to go all over the place. Though I think it would be unsafe to visit anywhere within driving distance of the middle east, just because there's alot of American resentment. I would probably visit India with Bidhan though. :)

I went to Israel once when I was 12. :)

That is awesome. Was it moving and religious, or arid and boring, or just cool to visit far-away land?

It was awesome! And moving in a way, but I've never been all that religious.

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