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Resistor Chart.

Resistor values made easy.

The following chart is a
guide to help you easily select the right resistors for your project with
out having to scratch your head trying to remember the colours of the
resistors you need.


Gold Black Brown Red Orange Yellow Green Blue
Brown Black 1R0 10R 100R 1K0 10K 100K 1M0 10M
Brown Brown 1R1 11R 110R 1K1 11K 110K 1M1 11M
Brown Red 1R2 12R 120R 1K2 12K 120K 1M2 12M
Brown Orange 1R3 13R 130R 1K3 13K 130K 1M3 13M
Brown Green 1R5 15R 150R 1K5 15K 150K 1M5 15M
Brown Blue 1R6 16R 160R 1K6 16K 160K 1M6 16M
Brown Grey 1R8 18R 180R 1K8 18K 180K 1M8 18M
Red Black 2R0 20R 200R 2K0 20K 200K 2M0 20M
Red Red 2R2 22R 220R 2K2 22K 220K 2M2 22M
Red Yellow 2R4 24R 240R 2K4 24K 240K 2M4 24M
Red Violet 2R7 27R 270R 2K7 27K 270K 2M7 27M
Orange Black 3R0 30R 300R 3K0 30K 300K 3M0 30M
Orange Orange 3R3 33R 330R 3K3 33K 330K 3M3 33M
Orange Blue 3R6 36R 360R 3K6 36K 360K 3M6 36M
Orange White 3R9 39R 390R 3K9 39K 390K 3M9 39M
Yellow Orange 4R3 43R 430R 4K3 43K 430K 4M3 43M
Yellow Violet 4R7 47R 470R 4K7 47K 470K 4M7 47M
Green Brown 5R1 51R 510R 5K1 51K 510K 5M1 51M
Green Blue 5R6 56R 560R 5K6 56K 560K 5M6 56M
Blue Red 6R2 62R 620R 6K2 62K 620K 6M2 62M
Blue Grey 6R8 68R 680R 6K8 68K 680K 6M8 68M
Violet Green 7R5 75R 750R 7K5 75K 750K 7M5 75M
Grey Red 8R2 82R 820R 8K2 82K 820K 8M2 82M
White Brown 9R1 91R 910R 9K1 91K 910K 9M1 91M

Example on how to use the

Say you want a 47K resistor,
find 47K in the chart, go to the left and find it's two colours (which
are yellow and violet), then go up from
47K to find the third colour (which is orange)

So that resistors colours
are: yellow violet orange


The next band
after those three colours indicates the resistor tolerance. which are
as follows.

Colour Fourth band
Brown 1%
Red 2%
Green 0.5%
Blue 0.25%
Violet 0.1%
Gold 5%
Silver 10%
None 20%

This guide
should work with all E12 and E24 resistors and maybe other types too.




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