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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Josh 201604 KWP
Testing firefox "Deepest Sender" extension.

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When I tried Deepest Sender a while back I got kind of disappointed. You have to start Firefox anyway and there's not really any features that can't easily be done using the standard LJ or HTML tags... so I'm sticking to the normal web interface. It works from everywhere ;-)

*nod* me too, plus, firefox suxxors. Mainly because I can't hold ctrl to open in new tab. I have to right click on an existing tab, open a new tab, then paste in the url. There's no reason to come off of Mozilla 1.7

Strange... both ctrl and middle-clicking makes my Firefox open the link in a new tab. Have you installed the Tabbrowser Preferences extension?

Hrm, no, I missed that. I'll have to check...

Ooo... unclose tab extension... *swoon*

At work I had the same problem you described - that my middle-click to open in new tab stopped working. After a little experimenting I figured out that it was caused by Logitech's mouse software. Apparently clicking on the scroll wheel (which I've always seen as the "middle button") caused a "Universal scroll" event rather than a "Middle click" event.

If you some kind of mouse software running that might have something to do with it...

See, I don't use middle click though. I do use a scroll mouse, but I use the MS default driver. Clicking the wheel should be middle click, but it's too precarious for my poor dexterity.

Either way, that doesn't help a bit if I'm not clicking a link. I type in alot of URLs and then shift-enter to get it in a new tab. I also ctrl-click links some, neither of which work in firefox.

I don't actually see any benefit to firefox over mozilla. It's the same engine, and a not-finished front-end. It has most of the same problems and benefits, except some of the default locations for some elements are moved which throws me off because it's close enough to trick me into expecting it to be there (unlike moving from MZ to IE and back).

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