Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

(15:54:37) He: Hey Josh
(15:54:41) Me: howdy
(15:54:46) He: morning ;-)
(15:56:38) He: There has been an unfortunate change in the schedule for the Power5 class next week and we don't have an any more seats open at this time.  I already talked with TEAMLEAD and he asked me to let you know for sure if we were going to be able to accomodate you next week but we got somebody added in at the last minute.

(15:57:39) He: We still have a slot open the week after next but not this one coming up
(15:58:10) Me: Crapola.
(15:58:24) Me: Because the following week is by birthday week and I have off my b-day
(15:58:31) Me: and COWORKER is slotted for that seat.
(15:58:36) He: maybe you can armwrestle the slot away from COWORKER on the week of the 4th?
(15:58:45) He: ahhh
(15:59:10) Me: And people have scheduled off work and such already to be there.
(16:00:52) He: damn
(16:01:42) Me: Really, I just need to be able to log in, and see what it all looks like, make a couple lpars, build some vio. I don't need alot of the basics. How late is the class running in the evenings?
(16:03:49) He: this is going to sound funny but this class is not set up the way you may be thinking.  Each day build upon labs from the previous day culminating with a live /multiple lpar system running on an open network and the class labs are setup not to be skipped around at all.  Unfortunately you cant pick and choose around it at all.
(16:04:32) He: the class is 80-90 hands on lab
(16:04:38) He: 80-90% I mean
(16:04:59) Me: Any possibility of getting access during the weekend?
(16:05:19) He: nope, its a locked room
(16:05:52) He: and the class itslef has been running afrom 8am to 6:30 at least every day and sometimes days have run to 8:30pm
(16:09:32) He: There are classes being held later in October but they are in ATL not here
(16:11:09) Me: Lemme know details on that. I'll see if I can get approval for ATL travel.
(16:11:26) He: as soon as they give me the dates I will forwad them on
(16:11:53) Me: ok. Thanky.
(16:11:56) He: np
(16:11:59) He: cya later

And manager said she can probably get travel, so I might go to ATL for a week, depending on info.
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