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Request for birth info

Hey all. I'm on a silly astrology kick. It might be over in 45 mins, so ACT NOW.

Tell me your birth day, hour, minute, city and state.

If you have a direct address or lat/long (for large cities) then that's even better.

I'll set this so that all replies are screened so no one else can read your info.

Mine, if you want it, is 1975-10-06 at 8:22 CDT at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, TX
Me, annotated but not fully digested. Pretty accurate.

Love Life
You have almost an addiction to physical beauty and grace in sexuality.

In most relationships, you are the one who develops ideas rather than the one who thinks of them. However, you must give them plenty of room for personal development and avoid the temptation to be manipulative in order to get your way.

INTERJECTION: This isn't just relationship related. I'm good at elaborating/expanding/improving but not so much on creating something new.

If the relationship is well balanced, you can shape and articulate it to the point that others will see you both as "beautiful people."

What you most desire in a relationship is continual growth and development. Therefore you should avoid a lover who wants to settle into a warm, comfy, secure relationship. Seek a more adventurous person who is always looking for new ways to make your affair more spicy and keep it in motion.

You have a strong sense of privacy and individuality. You disclose your inner feelings only in the most intimate circumstances and only to those whom you feel are your closest friends. Such openness is, in fact, the highest honor and token of love that you can bestow upon a friend or lover.

INTERJECTION: there are exceptions to the above. Due to self esteem issues, I sometimes extend the information in hopes of getting things out in the open in hopes of being accepted for my faults.

Because of your natural reticence, you don't actively seek new relationships, but rather tend to wait for others to seek you out.

INTERJECTION: This underestimates the absolute shutdown internally at the concept of even asking someone out or for their number, relationship or unknown friendship. Intoxication helps with this.

Others may see your personal life as quite mysterious, attracting speculation about behind-closed-doors affairs. They will seldom be able to assess your private life accurately, but the very mystery will make you seem more attractive and desirable.

INTERJECTION: I've gotten no indication of this.

You are especially sharp at focusing on what is important in a situation, particularly in a long-term affair, and acting upon it accordingly.

This ability may be helpful in the long run, but it may cause you to miss some opportunities if you wait too long for a potential lover to open up to you.


Very likely you will choose a partner who takes life less seriously than you do, someone who will provide daily happiness and let you handle the larger problems.

In an ideal relationship, you may totally transcend your personality in sexual consummation, making it an almost religious experience.

INTERJECTION: I don't know about that, but maybe in imagination land.

Your emotional state plays a prominent role in your decisions, and you respond strongly and quickly to the moods of those around you.

INTERJECTION: This isn't emphasized enough.

You are usually on top of any social situation and probably have the first choice of interesting or important partners in any group.

INTERJECTION: but don't have the courage to make use of that privilege.

You have the ability to make up your mind very quickly in emotional affairs, and you choose the partner you prefer without hesitation. But it is wise to learn as much in advance as possible about your potential partners in order to avoid a too-hasty decision.

INTERJECTION: This is a bit off - I weigh alot of things too much, but I suppose I did alright last time. :)

You are likely to be most comfortable with a familiar lover who knows your habits and desires very well. In order to enjoy love most fully, your partner must be completely aware of your likes and dislikes.

INTERJECTION: Very much so. I got lucky with EB in this respect.

You and your lover can find pleasure in writing down your fantasies in detail and exchanging them. This will make your lovemaking, in its own way, a dream come true.

INTERJECTION: I hadn't really thought of this. This was interesting to do, oh, say, when I was 16, but doesn't call to me so much now.

You prefer a lover who is well coordinated physically, emotionally and socially, someone you can show off proudly to your friends.

INTERJECTION: Again, lucky with EB.

In this area your judgment must be very acute so that you can separate true substance from the showy or trendy. Try not to harry your partner unnecessarily about details of dress, image and social acceptance.

INTERJECTION: Luckily, she's alot better than SHE knows, and better than I deserve, so the above isn't really a problem.

This is particularly important, because you want your partner to be a close and dear friend whose love will endure beyond the convenience or necessity of the moment. Therefore, by being patient about small matters, you can cement a lasting relationship that will elevate you both.

INTERJECTION: This is the case and has worked well so far.

You are quite sensitive, and you learn the delicate art of lovemaking very quickly. You easily translate thought into action, and therefore you can become quite expert with a minimum of physical experience as long as it is backed up with a maximum of knowledge.

INTERJECTION: Sensitive emotionally too, but that's elaborated on in the non-love section.

However, you can be too knowledgeable, trying to pack too many different techniques into one night. On the opposite side, however, you grow bored if the physical expression is always the same. Your lover should be willing to experiment or at least go along with whatever you devise for variety's sake.

INTERJECTION: Well, we have kids so right now, I'm happy with whatever I can get. I don't really know about my skill. I haven't gotten complaints, but haven't gotten much in the way of technique compliments either.

You may have developed a rather externalized approach to sexuality in which you decide on your moves and expectations ahead of time; then physical fulfillment depends upon each partner properly playing a predetermined role.

INTERJECTION: Maybe, faintly...

You may become a connoisseur of special sexual roles, developing a number of fairly well-defined relationships through which you can express myriad forms of sexual communication.

INTERJECTION: This isn't an option but definitely has always been strongly at play and completely unrealized.

These astrological positions indicate a clever and shrewd personality. You tend to be aggressive and are often downright blasphemous. When crossed you wreak revenge in full measure. You relish displaying your wit and knowledge and make a point of telling others of your various successes and victories. These shows of your achievement, however, are to your detriment because they earn you the ill will of others. You lean toward the darker sides of life, and your imagination can be morbid. You are fascinated by the mysterious, malignant forces in the universe. A nocturnal individual, your thoughts often turn to death, finalities, and the mysteries of life after death.

INTERJECTION: All of this is true but I've been working on not lashing out so much when I'm pissed off.

The key to a more harmonious self lies in developing optimism and recognizing the good that exists in the world.

INTERJECTION: There are two selves, and they are aware of eachother, and diametrically opposed on thie above. They talk sometimes. We'll see where that leads.

This denotes a life in which the native adopts an attitude which is courteous, kind, and affectionate.

INTERJECTION: Unrefined mannerisms and quick temper sometimes get in the way of this.

People with Libra Ascendant are basically motivated by feeling and emotion rather than intellectuality. Your life will demonstrate your keenness of observation, and a tendency to effect comparisons largely of an aesthetic nature. You will not display too much energy in your actions and, therefore, there is a tendency toward following routine and the lines of the least resistance. You are a sympathetic person who seeks the approval of others and is also very adaptable. Your intuition is remarkable and you derive sensual gratification from engaging in social intercourse, by loving all social aspects of life.

If you do not control this tendency to be so involved in human relationships, you may become too attached and over dependent.

Some restlessness, changeability and lack of persistence is noted in your life. Your main feature is that of constantly favoring the fusing of two things or people together.

INTERJECTION: The above 3 paragraphs are dead-on.

Unfortunately, this involvement with harmonizing and adjusting people to one another, tends to make the native a little unrealistic and lacking in action. You will be, however, easy going and congenial, socially oriented and preoccupied with adornments, clothing, social conventions, standards, and aesthetics. In love, if you cause the relationship to be a serious one, you will find that the affair is the consequence of your own interest in flattering yourself rather than to satisfy any profound emotion.


Professionally, you will be inclined to activities which require a high degree of culture and even artistic knowledge.

INTERJECTION: Well, I consider computers to be a language and an art of their own, if that counts.

You're very socially oriented and preoccupied with fashion and conventions. Real benefit will come through friends who sincerely desire to help you fulfill your best interests. What could occur at worst would be that some of your friends prove somewhat unreliable, though with no malicious intent.

INTERJECTION: Not fashion so much, but social life is very important, which is tough in being a parent.

Venus in this house is promising in the sense that your most cherished dreams will be fulfilled at a time not too late in your life.

INTERJECTION: This is good. I'm not sure what my dreams really are, but Max and Khai sure do fit that now. :)

The Moon is in the first house. This position indicates that you are strongly influenced by your feelings and moods.

Your awareness of yourself is influenced by your momentary feelings, and this perception is subject to rapid changes of mood and emotion. In time, you will learn to understand why you react as you do to various situations, and then you can begin to change your response patterns and take more control of your life.

INTERJECTION: This is a huge mystery to me. I try, but it's still baffling. One day I will understand more of it.

Others sense your lack of emotional self-sufficiency and tend to get involved in your personal affairs, even if you try to prevent it. You express your sensitivity through an emotional need to nurture and be nurtured by others.

INTERJECTION: Maybe too much.

While you would like to have guidance and supervision concerning your goals and objectives, it would be better to achieve your aims independently so that you will not feel obligated to others.

INTERJECTION: Unfortunately, I'm also lazy, which is accurately represented several paragraphs above.

The advantage of this position lies in your ability to sense other people's needs and desires. In fact, you have a calming effect on people who are under stress, and this makes you ideally suited for working with the public.

INTERJECTION: I don't actually ask others, so I don't know for sure, but I know I try to calm/appease people through empathy, though sometimes I don't have enough details to build the empathic connection.

Jupiter opposition the Ascendant indicates that you are generous toward your associates and civil with competitors. You are polished and refined, sometimes to the point that others may be suspicious of your motives. You prefer to associate with people who seem sure of themselves and their goals. Just as an investment broker deals in financial resources, you deal in the resources of people; who they are and what they can accomplish for themselves and for you. You pride yourself on your good judgment, but you ignore the fact that you are a taker, not a giver, except when it suits your long-range purposes.

Your greatest problem is that you use people to serve your personal objectives. You must learn that being generous is as beneficial to you as accepting the generosity of others.

INTERJECTION: This is pretty accurate. Sometimes I do get short with people, mostly when they are unnecessarily difficult or too inept to know to step aside. I know somewhere that I have to keep my personal motives in check and I try not to exploit people's value too much at one time. I'm not good at being directed by someone less intelligent thant I am, and I don't like being in the spotlight, but I like being in command to some extent. People who are superior to me are humbling. I'm only generous sometimes, but sometimes my uncertainty makes it awkward or cause me to miss opportunities to help. Again, it's something I'll be working on for a long time.

Saturn was found in the tenth house at the time of birth. This a very challenging position for a person who seeks worldly success. The inhibiting powers of Saturn are expressed in a heavy, cautious, and very serious personality. Many of the limitations that will arise throughout life result from your own psychological disposition which is oriented to narrow bounds. The key to a satisfactory solution of the various problems that will arise throughout life lies in your ability to endure difficulties with patience.

INTERJECTION: This is manifested as exploring the darker possibilities and finding circumventions. This has it's benefits but is a put off for some people as being negative. I'm also a little afraid of jumping ship from current job.

Inwardly there are ambitions, aspirations, and thrift; properly projected these psychological characteristics could yield power, an image of pride, and a perpetual craving for material objects and worldly wealth.

INTERJECTION: I just want money. And subtle acknowledgement. And to have created something valuable.

Venus was found in the eleventh house at the time of your birth. Your aspirations in life are very aesthetically oriented. You strive for peace and harmony and if it were left up to you the whole world would be more humane, kind, and considerate. In your more personal relationships, Venus gives you the capability of obtaining substantial gain and assistance through your friends, who will desire to assist you with the best of intentions.

The Sun was in your twelfth house at the time of birth. This may indicate a life full of limitations, obstacles, and human opposition, but at the same time a lot of inner strength and energy.

INTERJECTION: I wonder how many of these obstacles are self-imposed...

You are urged to pause and reflect upon your own accumulated history. Take some time for introspection. It may result in a purification process accompanied by some remorse of conscience.

INTERJECTION: I have special introspection/catharsis rituals that are more difficult at this phase in life.

Internally, you are quite different from the way you present yourself externally.

INTERJECTION: People take too seriously the various aspects I present. I have alot of varying and even conflicting components and sometimes only half of that is shown as the other half just doesn't need an outlet.

You possess a vast reservoir of energy that may be partially hidden even from your own awareness.

INTERJECTION: I'm aware it exists but I haven't figured out where or how to tap into it.

Your internal disposition is strong, commanding, open, and of a rare generosity. More and more you should try to bring these characteristics into the open so that they can overcome some of the less desirable aspects of your personality.

INTERJECTION: I work on this. It's like a PR battle. Sometimes I just rely on "absence makes the heart grow fonder" standpoint to keep friends happy with me.

Mercury conjunct the Ascendant shows that you are intensely preoccupied with yourself. You probably start your conversation with I more often than most people do.


Your mental faculties are well-developed, and for the most part you are bright and witty, so your incessant use of personal pronouns may be tolerated. You are mentally impulsive and rarely give anyone the chance to answer your questions. You are not afraid to speak up when you know you are right, but the fact is, you are not always right. When your views are criticized, you become indignant and argumentative.

INTERJECTION: Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup.

Me and Erica Composite Most if this is dead-on.
Sun in the Fourth House

Composite Sun in the fourth house favors a strong emotional involvement.The fourth is the house of your most personal and intimate life, your home, your past and origins in general, as well as your inner feelings and emotions. Thus this position favors a relationship in which you settle down together and share each other's personal lives as intimately as possible.

This is one of the best positions for marriage. It indicates a concern for owning a home or real estate together, which may manifest itself as a desire to own land.

On the psychological level, you are likely to experience profound emotions together and to become deeply involved in each other's innermost mental and emotional depths.

Sun Conjunct Mercury

The conjunction of composite Sun and Mercury signifies that there will be a great deal of mental activity in this relationship. This aspect is good for verbal communication between you.

You both should be wary of the tendency to intellectualize your emotions rather than deal with them at the gut level.

You have an unusual similarity of thinking, or at least a better than average ability to understand each other's thinking.

Mercury is a planet of travel, not always in the literal sense of the word, but in the metaphorical sense; that is, you like to be continually exposed to new ideas and experiences together.

One of the most positive attributes of this aspect is the ability to be detached from what you are discussing. Because of this detachment you may even be able to talk about your relationship and arrive at understandings that will help you both to get more out of it.

Sun Opposition Venus

This is one of the strongest indications of a love relationship between two people, even in a friendship. It does not primarily indicate a sexual relationship; instead it signifies love, pure and simple. The attraction indicated by this aspect is so powerful that it can bring together people who are incompatible by ordinary criteria.

If the relationship is laden with conflicts, even a strong feeling of love between you may turn to hatred. In most cases, however, this will be a very fine personal relationship.

Moon in the Second House

The composite Moon in the second house indicates that this relationship will bring out the needs you both have for emotional and material security. In fact, you may have come together because of those needs.

You will have a strong sense of shared values, which will help to reinforce you as a couple against the outside world. Because of this shared feeling, your relationship will grow strong even when there are considerable difficulties between you. But the need for security could keep you together even when that is not the best solution for either of you.

Particularly if this is a marital relationship, you might be trapped into staying together because of what you own rather than because the relationship is working well. Like everything else, possessions must be kept in their place.

Nevertheless, the security that this relationship can offer should be one of its strongest points and should help keep you together when the going gets tough.

Moon Opposition Mars

The opposition of the Moon and Mars can be a very explosive aspect in a composite chart. It is an indication of anger and hostility breaking out, which can transform any kind of relationship into open warfare.

One certainty is that you will never have to worry about repressing your feelings when you ought to express them. The problem is to make the expression creative, so that it can help the two of you grow, instead of just being a destructive outburst.

When difficulties arise, try to keep calm for a little while and make some kind of rational sense out of what is happening. When people with this combination do blow up, it's all over with quickly, because all the negative energy is expended. But because the energies arise so often, quite a bit of damage occurs anyway.

Expressing your real feelings honestly is essential with this aspect. Simply try to keep it under control.

INTERJECTION: Luckily, Erica is pretty even tempered and patient with me. When we have conflict, we generally let it ride if we're too upset over it. I think we've gotten snippy tones a few times, but no major fights.

Moon Conjunct Uranus

The conjunction of composite Moon and Uranus is bound to create a certain amount of excitement; but it will not provide stability. If the relationship ceases to be stimulating, it may very well come to an end Uranus challenges your preconceptions and drives you out of your established ruts. This relationship may exist for the same purpose.

On the other hand, it is possible that this conjunction signifies something unusual or atypical about the relationship itself.

If the relationship itself is unusual, it may be more stable than a more ordinary partnership. In a love relationship, this aspect demands that you give each other more than the usual amount of freedom.

This is likely to be an unusual relationship. Accept it as such and allow it to teach you something new about life.

INTERJECTION: It's pretty stable, all things considered. We have a decent amount of freedom. I have my own instabilities I'll be working on for a few hundred years.

Mercury Opposition Venus

A fortunate attribute of this aspect is that it gives you sensitivity to each other's feelings. This aspect should help smooth out the roughness that occasionally comes up in any relationship, but it may also make you keep quiet for the sake of preserving harmony when you feel angry. Go ahead and say what you feel, for you will be able to express what must be said in the right way.

Venus in the Tenth House

Your experience of love within this relationship will very strongly affect the lives of both of you. On the psychological level, this relationship will aid both of you in discovering what you want to do with your lives. Loving each other should reinforce you and give you greater confidence in yourselves.

At the same time, this relationship will teach you about the nature of love and how you relate to others on an intimate personal level. The only way you can learn what living with another person means is by doing so.
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