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A Happier note... birthdays

So on a pleasant note, my mom and dad's birthdays (11th and 15th, so this sat and this sun for getting together) have turned out splendidly. We got my dad a new TV because he has limited mobility and can't get out in the heat. We took him to Papadeaux, which he LOVES... He didn't want us to spend that much, but we don't get around to see him very often sooo...

We took my mom to Red Lobster, and it was SLOWWWW... there's only one left in Arlington, and they were way understaffed... we waited 45 mins, and it took 35 for our food to get there... altogether, we spent over 2 hours there. BUT! the food was good, especially the biscuits, and of course I ate too much..

Momma got hanging lanterns that charge up during the day and light up at night. We're also going to see about getting her truck's A/C fixed because 107 degree temps on a 25-30 min drive with only a vent window (which new cars don't even HAVE) is way not cool for someone who's in their late 50's.
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