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Why the electoral college

OK, I found a site that explains why the electoral college was a good idea:

I think it's time to get rid of the system as it is now.
Instant Run-Off voting is pretty good and I'd be happy with that.
I think there's much establishment that won't go against the EC.
Because of this, I think the best in-the-middle option is to do like Nebraska and Maine.
Instead of allocating all electoral votes to the top candidate,
the electoral votes should be proportional to the popular vote.
To see info on the types of voting systems, visit Wired

So, send an email or a letter or a fax to each everyone in congress, the senate, the president, the vice president, your governor, and anyone else who has any clout in the political and governing arenas.

Ask them to promote legislation to make electoral votes proportional on a national basis.

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