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My brain...

Sometimes, my brain is a difficult place to reside. Puns and related things plague my consciousness. EVERYTHING that CAN have an alternate meaning does so in my head. Sometimes it's overwhelming and I have to let it out; share it with others.

Some people give me hell for this, but hey, they can choose not to listen sometimes... not me... I'm stuck with it... I'm waiting for the day I have a schizoid break or go completely out of my gourd...

People won't realize it for days... one day someone will overhear me on the phone with a customer telling them to light the donkey with their backup tape. The customer will think it's some silly idiom from us techies, but I'll carry it on; I won't be able to stop it.

My boss would probably thing I was being defiant, and myabe I'd get fired before I could use my psych insurance. Maybe they'd blame it on drugs, or work stress, or whatever... Maybe I'm predisposed... maybe I'm speculating about alot of maybes that will never happen, but it's still fun.
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