Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

I have this faint vision.
Imagine, IBM and Apple merging, then IBM divisioning differently.

Imagine Apple being the hardware and operating system division of IBM.
Then you still have the Storage folks for SAN/Tape.
Then you have Tivoli for all of the management type applications.
Then you have Lotus for all of the middleware/applications.
Then you have something new called Management Solutions which would have all of the Business Continuity Services and Strategic Outsourcing, as well as custom service contracts.
Then IBM proper would really just become a big holding company to make sure the divisions were playing nicely together.

I mean, Mac G5 is a POWER4 core. Apple's overhead is less than IBM's and I think IBM HW, SW and Support could use some overhead reduction. Tivoli does seem to be shaping up structurally. The PC division was sold off, probably really just because there wasn't enough margin for the exec bonuses. What else is next, and what's IBM's vision?

I say, spin it all off. Have IBM Management Solutions, IBM Software Solutions, IBM Storage Solutions and IBM Hardware Solutions.

It'd be complex, since international IBM companies are technically separate companies in some sort of way.

I'm just rambling.
Where's my universe simulator?
Tags: aix, apple, computers, ibm
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