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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Before and after
Josh 201604 KWP



Notice, the erosion wasn't just people and houses, but land too. Imagine coming home from a trip, and not only is your house gone, and your neighbors are gone, but the plot of land on which you might have hoped to rebuild said residence is also gone. If you had insurance, this would be called an "Act of God" and not covered. There's lots of emergency relief, but hopefully there will be relocation efforts for the displaced survivors.

See Here for the whole sequence of before and after pics.

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Wow. Those really begin to put a face on what has been (for me, at least) a rather cold series of statistics up until this point.

(This is John, Farris's roommate, btw)

In the immortal words of Rachel, "It's JOHN DALY!"... though I guess online text doesn't REALLY emphasize the same as she did.

Yah, I had no clue... just huge mess, people dead, etc. but the concept of LAND being outright REMOVED really changes things.

In my financial irresponsibility induced cash crunch, I was only able to comfortably cough up $200 for the tsunami efforts. It seems so meager in comparison.

It seems almost offensively small, but so many individuals have pitched in their meager amounts that the sum is huge. The American Red Cross alone reports $151 million in donations specifically for the Tsunami.

Doctors Without Borders said they have "received enough" in donation to the Tsunami specific tasks they have and are asking further donations be in their general Emergency pool.

I mean, with that, who can complain that the government only initially put up $15 mil, and the next day moved to $35 mil, and said it's a start, not a cap. It's definitely a national and world-wide ourpouring of help and sympathy.

It's going to be a long road for some people, but hopefully the money will help with food, medicine, machinery, and overall structural/personal recovery.

Plus, another's not due for 500 years in that region, but who knows about elsewhere. There may be more plates to move yet. :)

Out of convenience and memory assist, now that I can associate "gotardz" with "John" and "John" with a face and social connections, I have added you to the list of people viewed through this hear interface known as "Livejournal Friends".

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