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Three silly stories

Scrotum story
Suicide jeers

On Saturday, one day after his estranged wife got a restraining order against him, business consultant Louis W. Joy II took his single-engine Socata Trinidad up and kamikazed the family home, destroying it and him. The wife and kid weren’t there, but he might have known that. A former neighbor in Delaware said Joy was “very strange, kind of weird,” and stayed inside his house so much that people thought he was probably in the witness protection program. [Boston Herald, 8-26-01]


Yr Ed dislikes stories in which the central characters’ names are withheld, but this story was all over the news in Toronto yesterday, so here goes: Guy in Pickering, Ont., comes home a little late after a night with the boys, and the live-in squeeze gets in his face, and pretty soon they’re at each other pretty good, and ultimately he gets taken to Pickering Ajax Hospital after she tears off his scrotum with her bare hands. Details as they become available. UPDATE: He's Barrington Wynn, 46; she's not his squeeze but his actual wife, Donna Crichton. She's now mortified; he largely forgives her and doesn't want her prosecuted.


SEATTLE, Aug. 29 - Passing motorists, Metro bus passengers and truck drivers hurled insults and urged a distraught woman to jump from her perch on the railing of the Interstate 5 Ship Canal Bridge Tuesday morning.
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