Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

"The Ooky Spooky Thing!", the middle segment of one of Max's stories

Last morning, the boy woke up and went outside. "OH NO!" His flower is gone. The ooky spooky thing ate it.

What was it? I don't know, but inside it was a daddy.

The ooky spooky thing was just a monster. It didn't have a daddy in it. It just ate the flower.

And the ooky spooky thing raised his claws. Then he lifted up some grass and put it in his mouth for desert. Then he said "Yaum! Desert!"

Then he was just walking around until he found a dead pidgeon. And he ate it for lunch. But it was yummy. And he ate some grass for desert. YUM!.

He had the last food for night time. At night time he had some... he ate a dead squirrel, and had some grass for desert. Then he drank some water.

He fell fast asleap until a hippo got dead where that monster was... where the monster was sleeping.

How did he get dead? A hunter killed him and then he got away.

They carried him to the factory that cutted animals up and shredded the skin off. Then they pulled the teeth off and everything else. Then they chopped up into pieces and putted it inside a jar.

Then, they sended it to the ooky spooky thing's pantry so he could see it.

looks at tv. "Look! Barney Shape things. I wish I had that." back to story;

Then, he cooked it and he ate it.

And he had toys that scared people. Like a super duper grabber that grabbed food. If it was a chicken, then he reached a dead chicken. Then he ate it up.

Then there was a super duper honker that woke everyone up when they were fast asleep, but they went back to sleep.

Then he had a louder one and it woke everyone up and they stayed awake. And they said, "What was that honkey noise?" That honking noise was the ooky spooky thing!

So he had an idea. He would send a big rolling snowball to town. So he putted that on his list and he made one and then he rolled it across the whole town.

Then it melted fromt he sun!

tsss thshshsh splitter spitt splatter splatter split splatter

The longer it rolled, the longer it melted.

Then he turned on his big train and he cleaned up all his toys. Then it goed out the door and the tracks goed everywhere. Then he turned about and hooked it together. Then he pushed the go button his remote control and it went TOOT TOOOOOOOT and it went all over and scared everybody.

Then the ooky spook thing hooked the rest of his cars together and goed all around the world. Then he hooked it all to gether and made it a long train and hooked up the caboose. Then he took off the other hook because the caboose is the last car. He had very strong muscles and he said "YUM, I like hooks!" and he ate it.

I can't even keep up anymore, but somewhere in there he ate one potato chip, one icecream vanilla chip made of spelt, and went on to have many more adventures.
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