Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis


So, I came to work an hour early so I could back up my machine.

My plan was to pull the DVD burner from our new p570 since it's not got power yet. I brought blanks, etc.

So I plug in, set up, say howdy to a couple of people, and then someone comes over and says that I can't use the lab machine right now.

The electricians have showed up, and if I go pull the drive, I'll be trampling over them and getting in the way.

If I'd showed up 15 mins earlier...

There's also a p550 in the lab, but it's WAY in the back, and the other aisle is blocked by a spot cooler.

There are two p520s in the front, but it's daytime, and while one is most definitely a test machine, the guy who is responsible for the machines isn't in today, so I don't want to risk being a problem.

So... I should have stayed in bed until Max peed on everyone.
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