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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
This is a friendly reminder to all to update your amazon wishlist address.

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That reminds me that I need to remove a bunch of stuff from my Amazon wishlist.

Oh this is depressing. Everything is gone and I have to make a new one.

Wha? Sure you didn't use a diff username?

I guess when I changed the email address associated with the account, it kiled the old list. I can search for my name and it's still listed, but I cna't edit it.

Yah, I tried to do that and I ended up going from 162 items to 165, even after removing about 30 things. *sigh*

Well, I've updated mine now =). Currently up to 131 and still adding stuff.

ten million strong, and growing.

(Deleted comment)
Hey, where was that anyway? I couldn't find it.

(Deleted comment)
You have one.
I don't know what address it has in it though, and I think it's crusty.

(Deleted comment)
Hrm, lemme see. It's for flophouse99 account on amazon. The non-you link is:

If you tried your old passwords against that user for a login, you probably could get in, update with addr, and list the things you've always wanted. I use it as a reminder to me. There's an $8000 camera I want on there. I doubt anyone will ever buy it, including me, without having won the lotto first, but it helps me feel less pressure of the impulse buy since I don't have to worry about forgetting the item, and I've put it into a system somewhere, which is somewhat akin to buying it.

Then, once or twice a year, when I feel the itch, I'll scan the list to see if I need anything, oh, say, like a book.

(Deleted comment)
The things I traditionally buy are specific books or types of books (Ref that I can't find online or should just have), certain authors' cyber/nano genre, storage. I crave for more computing power in a more compact design, but I seem to be at an OK point where I can see that I don't fully utilize what I have now. Primarily, my complaints are with huge Java apps (Notes, IBM Community Tools, WebSystemManager, etc) and with Mozilla chewing up CPU if it's plugin or media doesn't load in under 2 seconds, or because people like to put flash or Java on every webpage. I would like alot more memory so I can run some decent virtual machines, but I'd also like a Mac Mini so I can tinker with PPC Linux more.

But, I'm stable where I am. My last big purch was a 181g SCSI drive. Since I found decent IDE to SCSI bridges, I think I'll go that route next time for maybe a couple of 250g or larger drives. Maybe late this year or early next year.

I'm still learning to manage myself, but I'm better than I was 10 years ago. :)

(Deleted comment)
PearPC was really slow and not really that good. But, I was on winders too.

I need something technically production quality to run some cluster services on. CSM, GPFS, etc.

Most of the JREs are 1.4.2_03 I believe. WebSM is windows or Linux. ICT is windows primarily. I haven't tried linux. The other is Notes 7 beta. All are heavy on the java, but Notes and ICT have some EXE/DLL glue too. ICT does have a beta linux distro which is only really crippled in the plugin department.

I might be able to show you the packages/code.

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