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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Women can't wear tuxedos
Josh 201604 KWP
GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. (AP) — County school officials are backing a principal's decision to bar a picture of a lesbian student dressed in a tuxedo from the high school yearbook.

Sam Ward, principal of Fleming Island High School, said he pulled the senior class picture because Kelli Davis was wearing boy's clothes. His decision was debated Thursday at a Clay County school board meeting that drew 200 people, but the board took no action, and Superintendent David Owens said the decision will stand.

Most of the 24 people who spoke at the meeting supported Kelli Davis.

"This is not to be treated as a gay rights issue," said her mother, Cindi Davis. "Rather it's a human rights issue."

Others applauded Ward's decision, including Karen Gordon, who said, "When uniformity is compromised, then authority no longer holds."

Officials at the northeastern Florida school have said the picture was pulled from the yearbook because Davis did not follow the rules on dress. School board attorney Bruce Bickner said there is no written dress code for senior pictures, but principals have the authority to set standards.

The student editor of the yearbook, Keri Sewell, was fired after refusing her adviser's order to take the picture out.

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"When uniformity is compromised, then authority no longer holds."

Mmmmmm! I love the smell of Totalitarianism in the morning!

North Korea anyone?


Think, "My FATHER!" and "MOTHERLAND!"

Must kill all nonconformists.

Ugh that really pisses me off :(

(Deleted comment)
Right. I mean, the lesbian aspect explains partially why she insisted on wearing a tux, and maybe why the administration is a little more stubborn about it, but it's really about conformity.

But, I think conformity is bad. It stifles "self", personality and creativity. I don't want a world full of clones.

I would have understood if she was wearing some garish outfit that distracted from the overall picture for the other students who were paying for photos, but if the guys were in tuxes, she would have blended in as one of them for all except those who were looking for her.

But, the world is full of average people who want an average reality for everyone except themselves, so there's no easy delineation of what should and should not be enforced.

To some extent, maintaining a semblance of authority in the prison warehouse that is the public school system is important so as to prevent mass uprising, mischief or other detractors from the poor quality learning system.

Boy, I'm bitter about public schools. :)

Is there a pill that I could take that would make me understand why this would be important to people. Becuase I just don't understand.

It's because the girl is a lesbian?

No, not that.

The fact that it matters that a woman is wearing a tux in the senior picture. It shouldn't matter. I guess it does to *decent* people.

must... conform... can't... stand... differences...

*robot head explodes*

Nah, because the school admin is facist.

Well, not a pill per se, but if you let me use radioablation on 50% of each of your frontal lobes and a small part of your hypothalamus, you can be just like them!

How long would the effects last ;P

You wouldn't really care afterwards, so why does it matter? :)

But if you MUST know, the effects would last for several hundred years, should you be unlucky enough to last that long. By then, you'd have fully remapped/rerouted if the need arose.

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