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So my friend Jan passed Tuesday night. I found out yesterday and spent the evening with old friends. Lots of life updates.

Jack still being Jack. You know, being clueless to how to treat people, ripping people employees at every opportunity so he can fund himself. Some of it intentional, some of it because he's clueless.

Aparently, it had gotten to the point that Jan was working 10-14 hour days to try to sort out the recent round of badness. Jan had a stomach ache last Wed and went into the hosp on Friday.

She was really concerned about the meidcal costs since Jack had fuxxored their medical plan in an attempt to save money. She was aparently released for home care, and passed somewhere around 10pm Tuesday night.

I don't know why she went so quickly when initial prognosis was 3-6 months. I don't know if it was worse than they thought, if there were complications, if the treatment had complications, or if she just upped the morphine to end it early.

One of the guys was having a really tough time with it. He was pretty reliant on her as a friend and as a financial advisor. Everyone will miss her. She always was pleasant and easy to talk to.

It really got me to thinking that I should get a new job. I don't want to end up getting a stress related/exacerbated disease just to prove I can withstand this level if idiocy and abuse.
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