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Taliban Taboos

This is a list of basic freedoms forbidden by the Taliban.

I think they're helping because they're scared, but that they are actually very pleased with what has happened. It seems that if you're not a devout Muslim, then you are evil in their eyes.


Failure to pray to Mecca five times a day -- a requirement of the Muslim religion -- is punishable by imprisonment

Women and driving
Drivers are prohibited from giving rides to women. Violators are subject to imprisonment.

Preventing idolatry
Portraits -- paintings and photos -- are said to promote idolatry and must be destroyed under the law.

Women and work
Women are banned from working outside the home except in the health sector. In hospitals, women are separated from their male colleagues.

Women and education
The Taliban forbids the education of women until institutions segregating them from men are established. Informal education of women can be punishable by law. For men, at least a sixth-grade education is required.

Music, except for religious chants, is prohibited in shops, hotels and vehicles, and at weddings and parties. Kite flying is considered "useless" and an obstacle to education. Hobbies like keeping pigeons also are forbidden.

Forbidden and punishable by at least a month in prison.

Beards and barbers
Men who trim or shave their beards -- considered a sign of Islamic piety -- are imprisoned until their beard grows out. Taliban religious police have been known to employ "the fist rule." A beard must be long enough to be held in a fist. Barbers are banned from giving "American-style" haircuts.

Public bathing
The Taliban shut public bathhouses for men and women, even though most Afghans lack running water. The Taliban says Islam forbids men and women to publicly display their bodies.
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