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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Centurytel is S. M. R. T. SMART!
Josh 201604 KWP
So I opened a chat with my phone co because DSL is still down at home.

The starting text was:
More than 24h outage: [] / 940-495-5305 / davis53d
Recently upgraded DSL speed.
Was told up to 20 mins down Monday for changeover
Went down Wednesday AM.
Tried multiple times throughout the day.
- Have unplugged and replugged the DSL modem
- Have rebooted.
"Can't obtain IP from PPoE server"
Called Thursday AM, "Due to unusually high call volumes, we are unable to help
you. Please call back at another time."
Called Thursday at almost 1pm, same message.

And here is the chat log
Welcome davis53d ...
Connecting to server. Please wait...
Connected to chat.centurytel.net
Kim K. has joined this session!
You say, Hi kim.
Kim K. says, is your dsl not working no?
You say, Correct.
Kim K. says, cannot connect at all?
You say, The modem connects and syncs up, but I can't talk to the PPoE server.
You say, It happenned shortly after ordering an upgrade to my DSL speed.
You say, They said NOC would disconnect the line for about 20 minutes to make the changes
You say, But that I would be back after that, same static IP, etc.
Kim K. says, so it keeps disconnecting you?
You say, That is not what I said.
You say, I said it won't connect at all.
Kim K. says, are you getting a error?
Kim K. says, timing out?
You say, "Cannot contact PPoE server"
Kim K. says, any error.
Kim K. says, is it timing out. just sitting there trying to connect?
You say, Yes, it tries several times, then says "Cannot contact the PPoE server"
Kim K. says, i can call a repair ticket in for this.
You say, That would be appreciated. I tried calling in to do it, but it said to call back later and hung up.
Kim K. says, what is your phone number?
You say, The one for the DSL line is 940-497-5305
You say, My cellphone if contact is needed is 682-429-3040.
Kim K. says, have called a repair ticket in.
You say, Thank you. Is there a reference number if I need to check status?
Kim K. says, just your log in id.. give them 24 hrs.
You say, OK. thanks. ttyl8r
The session has ended!
(I clicked the exit button)

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ttyl8r!?? haha having bbs flashbacks..

i dont think youll be talking to her later anyways ;)

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