Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Junk Re Phones

Sony Ericsson S710a
Cellular World
230 N Denton Tapp #103
Coppell, TX 75019, USA
|Equipment Upgrade|Prepaid

Excellent reception
- Tactilely weak keypad
- OS on the laggy side
- Using many functions devours battery life
- Weird proprietary Sony headphone jack
- Included stereo ear buds too big (I think) for most ears
- A wee bit thick, but just think of what's packed in there
- Can't use other features while listening to mp3s
Could allow a larger Memory Stick
(128 stick is just not big enough)
Battery life could be alittle better
Menus alittle slow
Price alittle high but what can you
expect from such a Kicka** Phone!!!
microphone rubs on face and is sometimes covered by cheek
Cannot turn off the camera shutter sounds.
Size is large but you get use to it since it is not a heavy phone
Swivel is more annoying than useful
Keypad is large but very flat
Browser- can't type in an address but can go to specific addresses by adding a bookmark or using a search engine (google)
- The phone's menus respond slowly, as does tri-tap. The menus at least seem to catch every keypress, but tri-tap loses one just about every time I try to enter data.
3) AIM - it sucks, can't hold a conversation due to network LAG
4) Almost impossible to sync via bluetooth

Camera/mp3 player/organizer/cellphones on Cingular
6620, 6630, Treo 650, S710a, S66
Interesting thing for kids?
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