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Know what vexes me so greatly?

When someone tells me that because I believe something, I'm going to burn in hell... "more room for me and my house!" they say.

Since was this sort of arrogance a good character trait?

I believe that if I'm good, try to be good and just, try to better myself, follow basic rules of goodness, then I'm OK.

Well, I believe the Bible is a slightly corrupt book. I think some parts of it seem very suspect and I refuse to believe that after thousands of years that the meaning and intent was not skewed somewhat. Because of this, this guy says that I'm going to hell.

To me, this is an arrogant attack, even if calm. This is his way of saying he thinks he's somehow better than me and that God preferrs him, over something stupid like this.

I don't believe that any diety, creator, master, etc. of any level of benevolence would punish and make people suffer for all eternity over a belief.

This is why I'm prejudiced against Christians and maybe even organized religion in general. Most of the people I've found who can discuss things outside of the scope of the religion are not practicing that religion. So many people get stubborn, insist that because an unverifiable source says so, then I'm wrong, I'm going to suffer forever, I'm a bad person, and they are somehow better people, even when they break other rules, generally disrespect people, etc.

Now, this is a pile-up of all of the negative reactions I've had towards religious folks' prosletyzing (sp)...

And it's not just religion... it's anyone insisting that their way is correct without solid backing... like "Circumcision should be done for medical reasons." Ok, we're born with this and you want to cut off part of a penis... more nerves in there than the rest of the entire penis... people are maimed and mutilated (know a guy with no sensation in the head of his penis)... This one guy said it should be done because the bible says so. Again... unfounded... Our doctor said it prevents certain infections and foreskin cancer.

Well fuck, cut off my legs so I can't get cancer there too, right? Babies can't feel it... bullshit. They just can't remember it. Forced, non-consent mutilation of someone's penis is a violation of their personal rights. Yes, infants have personal rights. You can't kick them, but you can unnecessarily cut off part of their genitals... Whatever... IMHO it was all part of some sick fucker's plans to keep men from masturbating.

It pisses me off. No one has a right to tell or force someone to do something because "it's a good idea".

However, I just discussed with Willie up here, and he has a good understanding of things and is generally a very good person, and so I don't feel so bad... It's always good to know non-judgemental people to help keep me grounded. :)
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