Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Room Defender

idea: I wonder if it's powerful enough to launch fender washers (flat steel washers). They're 5-33 cents each in small quantities at Lowes/Home Depot, cheaper in bulk from anywhere you might order bulk.

Update at 14:41
We'are already talking of adapting/making better...
Like, 5 sensors, track towards motion...
And what sort of motors and gears would be required to hook up a rifle, etc...
Imagine, extra player in paintball that no one knew was there... :)

Of course, this would be a complete rebuild, since the existing sensor is iffy,
and it has no built in tracking whatsoever.

Update at 14:49
A coworker said he saw a motion tracking water sprinkler... muhahaha
I think this might be better for the front door to keep the witnesses, baptists, cookie salespeople, and everyone else trying to get into our house.
update at 14:55
Maybe I can use something like
Maybe as security for the back gate/yard too. Muhahaha.
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