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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Keylogger hardware.
Josh 201604 KWP

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Did you write that page?

Noop. Someone sent me a link to an IP that had only that page on it. When I embedded the images into it, I left the "page saved from" comment; however, the original source is gone. I don't know how old a Dell 600m is, but It can't be more than a couple of years since it's homeland security and not just secret service.

It's a current system, and that story is complete bullshit. Keylogger my ass...

Okay, now I'm laughing out loud. I looked up our training teardown for the 600m. You know what that part is? It's the modem daughter card. The cable the genius refers to connects it to the RJ11 jack (a minor necessity for a modem...) which is right next to the RJ45 jack for the built-in NIC.

Some EE that guy is. Can't tell the difference between a modem and a keystroke logger.

Oh wow, the Pentium M / Centrino package looks alot like the PIII.

It pretty much is. You know what Centrino means? That the laptop has both an Intel processor and an Intel wireless card. And that's it. There's no chipset differences whatsoever beyond that - it's all a branding thing. They advertise it like it's some major technology thing, but it's really just another Intel sticker to go on the system. In the Inspiron 600m, for example, the only physical difference between the Centrino and the non-Centrino version is the maker of the wireless mini-PCI card. Oh yeah, and the Centrino has an extra sticker.

Cool. Yah, the intel wireless card is like $8, but no MIMO.

Yah, I think the Pentium M is the bomb. None of that Pentium 4 no bang for the MHz thing. M scales like 3 does, perf wise, except it's got really good power control.

I'd rather have an M in my desktop.

This is from the 600m online service manual:

I hope nobody's taking this whacko seriously.

Well, it IS labelled "lol"

Though, the board and cable you're referring to doesn't in any way visibly match what he's talking about.

The part you show has a small molex connector from a daughter card to the system board.

This guy was talking about something inline with a cable from the keyboard to somewhere else.

Though, none of his photos are visibly identifiable as to a type of system, and it doesn't show the terminals of that cable.

Though, the board and cable you're referring to doesn't in any way visibly match what he's talking about.

Sure it does. It sits right under the keyboard, it's encased in white shrink wrap, and has a cable that ends right next to the ethernet jack. It wouldn't take this guy making much of an assumption to assume that the onboard NIC was near its external connector. And really, I think we see he has a great capacity for making assumptions.

(Also, he doesn't necessarily say it connected to the keyboard. He said it was under the keyboard connector. That doesn't quite match up, but it is right under the keyboard itself, and everything else is a dead-on match.)

Hrm. The photo of the "device" looked like 2 pair phone cable on each side. The shrink tubing was over the device.

In the photo of the modem, it was 3 or 4 wire WOL cable in shrink-tubing with the modem board larger and fully exposed.

But, the guy's photos never showed the device
A) attached to anything. At one point, a piece of the cable is shown under the keyboard, but no connections.
B) Near the laptop. He shows it suspended at enough height to not see anything laptoppy. That'd be alot of extra cable stuffed in there.

(Deleted comment)
view source says elsewhere. thbbt

And, it's a copy from a copy.

My school friend who works at dell claims foul.

I don't have one to dismantle, so I have no decision on the matter. I just thought it was an interesting article.

I *almost* took one apart in the lab today to take a pic of the modem to see if the chips matched. I still might.

It is interesting, though, especially from a psychological point of view. The last few years seem to have people ready to believe the craziest stuff.

Remember, America was founded by the paranoid and the persecuted.

You coould just send one to me. I'll take it apart for you. *grin*

Re: Snopes to the rescue

Rawk, from yesserday even.

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