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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Sprint PCS Sierra Wireless 580 CDMA
Josh 201604 KWP
OK, so $Company paid for the card and a year's worth of unilimited data minutes wireless.

The install CD is clean, and the SW is one installer, about 12 megs.
No spyware or cruft. Just the basics.

The software has a little chrome on it, but it doesn't hide the fact that it chews up 100% CPU every time it tries to change state (connecting, disconnecting, authenticating, etc), and will refuse to move or refresh it's window while doing do.

There's an optional "Bytesoft Optimizer" which basically logs in to the Sprint server and sets up a compressed tunnell.

I remember MNP and V.42bis, which makes this seem rediculous.

The card gets really hot. You pull it out and it's maybe 140 degrees. I don't know. I just know it's uncomfy.

The antenna should be kept 2cm away from people. EEK It's directional, so I had to touch it while it was on to pick up good signal. It IS Sprint, you know.

I think it would work better outside, not passing through shielded cubicles, steel reinforced walls, steel posts, etc. I did pick up full signal for a few seconds. :)

There's an antenna port for a laptop style antenna connector. I don't have anything to hook it up to, so whatevs.

It has a phone number, but I haven't tried to call it while it's connected.

The speed is about ISDN BRI speed - 128kbit, so 10-12kbytes/sec.

It's not GREAT, but it would sure beat dialup over a cellphone.

When the 1 year $Company paid contract is up, I get a 25% discount, which puts it at $60/mo for unlimited data. I won't be able to get $Company to pay for that since I'm not a travelling worker, so I'll probably ditch it at that point.

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I need to get something like that

Maybe I could get work to pay for it.

Re: I need to get something like that

Well, where do you work? Oh wait, it's all winders.

Re: I need to get something like that

Well, I do have one Windows laptop.

I've still got the previous generation one with unlimited data from the previous $employer (whoops). It's about like dial-up, but it's better than no connection at all.

Yah, I'm happy to have free stuff.

They should just give me some of the servers... I might stay.

Is it EV-DO? I use bluetooth DUN through my phone occasionally, and internal browsing all the time. The non EV-DO speeds I get are acceptable...as long as you're just on irc and one web site. =]

But my total bill with unlimited data and all the minutes I need is $30. I ain't complaining!

EV-DO but I wanted to call it EDO

Yah, EV-DO on Sierra Wireless 580 card thru Sprint. Download speeds are 10-12kB/s. The speed isn't REALLY worth $80/mo (the non-discount rate), but I guess if I were in sales and travelling, it would be ok for when I couldn't get decent speed thru a hotel, or was stuck in the MFN.

My phone was sold as bluetooth capable, but really, it was a clunky nub to buy and snap on the bottom. This, in turn, didn't work with anything newer than Win98SE. I have a USB cord for it, but it's REALLY a searial port to USB converter.

Very unhappy with Ericsson.

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