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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Pyoority Test
Josh 201604 KWP
OK, so this came up in conversation with a friend today.

Who here has not heard of the purity test?
Who has not taken the purity test?
If you have taken it, which version(s) and which do you prefer?
(I always thought the 500q was a nice compromise and pretty realistic.)

Did anyone ever see the "Sexual Harrassment Consent Form"
(I know I made one in the late 80s, early 90s, but I found one on a BBS file list from 1976)?

All of the other, tangental questions I have seem to actually be part of or fit in with mikilou's impending post.

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I usually get a REALLY low score on it because I did a whole lot of things in college ... once. And all you need is once to get a low score.

Sometimes it's a bragging thing, though. :)

Yah, but those POOR animals! tee hee.

Oh, I took that thing so so so so long ago. What was the name of that website that started it? Fark.com? (forgive my memory if that is the stupidest guess ever...)

Fark might have made it popular, but fark didn't start a purity test. They're a news portal.

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(Deleted comment)
I haven't taken the purity test since I was a virgin.

Dude? I didn't know you took the test last week...

*ducks and runs for cover*

When you see that flash, duck and cover!

Purity tests are fun.
I've taken the 500 and the BIG one.
...It's been a while though...

gawd, yah, the 2000 question one? EEK. I took that twice. It's like 2 hours.

The 500 was good because I could print it on an 8-pin printer, 4-up and two-sided and still fit it in my pocket.

The 500 is definitely the way to go, unless you've had sex with zombies.

I kind of remember hearing about the test somewhere. Did I take it? Who knows. Would I? Sure.

Never saw the consent form.

But you were sheltered from overt geekdom. Yes, it's perversion, but that's just a side effect. The real claim for the purity test is geekdom, because of it's need to propagate, sort of like people.

I've think I've taken most of the varients known to man...

But, since the object is usually to score as much as possible, I generally wind up failing miserably. =)

As much or as little. I don't remember, but I think at some point I finally got down to like 65% pure, even with the deep, dark secrets.

I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff, and am just unsure on others, so who knows what it is now.

I knew someone who claimed 20.5% but that seemed odd. I mean, they'd have to have raped animals with butcher knives or something to get there.

Though, you never know. On TV, you always hear, "But he SEEMED like such a NICE boy."

I want to see this purity test.!

ok - well, given all the hype now, I guess I know what I'll be doing tonight ... unless I get distracted by bright shiny objects and forget.

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This comment makes #93. Which is significant for me, and I felt it would be appropriate that it gets it's own space.

I can't even begin to scroll through how much this has grown until much later. However, for the record, I *still* have not taken the purity test. Shiny objects (i.e. surveys, etc.) won out. *sigh* I guess I can't fight my inner kender.

Yah, it's sort of digressed into baser things... you know, porn, sci fi, etc. :)

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