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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Pyoority Test
Josh 201604 KWP
OK, so this came up in conversation with a friend today.

Who here has not heard of the purity test?
Who has not taken the purity test?
If you have taken it, which version(s) and which do you prefer?
(I always thought the 500q was a nice compromise and pretty realistic.)

Did anyone ever see the "Sexual Harrassment Consent Form"
(I know I made one in the late 80s, early 90s, but I found one on a BBS file list from 1976)?

All of the other, tangental questions I have seem to actually be part of or fit in with mikilou's impending post.

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Oh my gosh, now I've seen it all!! Dirty innuendoes with computer...equipment. You guys are sick and wrong!! I like it. ;)

(Deleted comment)
An A for effort, but a B- for result.

My fav is "The Sex Life of an Electron".

One night when his charge was pretty high, Micro Henry decided to try to get a cute little coil to let him discharge. He picked up Millie Amp and took her for a ride on his Mega cycle. They rode across the Wheatstone bridge, around by the sine wave, and stopped in a magnetic field by a flowing current.

Micro Henry, attracted by Millie's characteristic curves, soon had her resistance at a minimum and his field was fully excited. He laid her on the ground potential, raised her frequency, lowered her capacitance and pulled out his high voltage probe. He inserted his probe into her test socket using Maxwell's Corkscrew Rule, and began to short circuit her shunt.

Fully excited, Millie Amp exclaimed, "Mho, mho, mho, Give Me mho!" With his tube operating at its maximum peak current and her coil vibrating from the current flow, she soon reached her maximum peak potential. The excess current flow had gotten her coil hot and Micro Henry started rapidly discharging and soon had drained off every last electron.

They fluxed all night trying various connections and sockets, until Micro Henry's bar magnet turned to soft iron, and had lost all of its field strength. Afterwards, Millie Amp tried self induction and damaged her solenoid. With his batteries fully discharged, Micro Henry was unable to further excite his generator, so they ended it all by reversing polarities and blowing each other's fuses.

Sofaking Hilarious

Ever writeen to penthouse?? ;)

I didn't write this one though.
Never wrote to a formal place.
Haven't written serious stuff like that in over a decade.

Serious??? You? :)

Only on Wednesdays during a blue moon.

I have a big, hard disk and I'm going to RAID some panties. I like to let my hands ROM and get digital in the slot.

Oh, it goes beyond sexual innuendo.

Just yesterday I had to perform an output funtion to clear my buffers before I could accept more input.

I thought guys already did that daily? Me, I can make it at least a week. Er, make that two days - maybe. ;)

Notice the "It goes BEYOND sexual innuendo". I was talking about peeing, pooping and eating, not T3H S3XX0R. :)

If you were too, you really should be peeing multiple times a day and pooping daily.

More fiber
More water
Have people push on your belly.

Does having kids jump up and down count? And water has no flavor. Yech. My family complains when I eat too much fiber. They say chill until I get a convertible. :)

"Can you feel the love?"
"I sure felt it!"

Well, water can be easily flavored without messing it up TOO much, but sodas, juices, etc... they all require more water to process than they provide. Juice also is pure sugar. Bad stuff. Whole fruit. If you're not up for whole fruit, then find something else.

Now where's my sugar-free Dr Pepper, damnit?


Reply v2:
If you think water has no flavor, you haven't tried ours when the lake inverts.

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